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    Do you want to know how you can write and get paid instantly?

    Did you know that if you have a knack for writing, you could easily turn that hobby into a booming business? Yes, writing is now one of the most sought services online these days. There are numerous websites and blogs that are constantly in search of people to help keep their content updated and fresh. Well, such blogs and website owners are usually looking for writers to help them create content for them.

    websites that pay you instantly to write articles

    You can always take advantage of this demand to write and get paid instantly. And the best thing about writing is that it is one of the easiest and most convenient jobs that you can do. With a laptop and internet connection, you can do it anywhere and wherever and you can even do it even from the comforts of your home!

    If you are welcome to the idea of writing for money, you will find so many online platforms that link clients looking for contractors to help them with their huge writing projects. There are websites that pay you to write short stories, and this way, you easily get paid to type what you like!

    I know you came visiting here because you are looking for the various ways that you can get paid to write. Fortunately for you, I’m going to help with just that.

    For me, writing is my hobby, and I started writing at a very early age; however, back then, I used to do it just for fun. However, as time went by, I began writing professionally and realized that I was sleeping on a goldmine! Today, I make lots of money by just writing.

    Now in my experience in the industry, I am going to teach just about how you can get started writing for money. I’m going to show you a list of websites that will have you get paid to write. I’m not talking about sites that will ask you to write and then hesitate to pay you, I’m talking about real websites that you write articles for, and you get paid instantly now.

    In this article, I’m going to show you a list of some of the best websites that will pay you to write on various topics and issues, depending on their niches. Even though I’m going to share with you the various websites that you will write and get paid instantly, there are certain things that I must let you know.

    Your grammar must always be impeccable and, at all times, strive to write original content and not copy other writer’s work. All websites don’t tolerate plagiarized content and will ensure that your work is original before they release payment to you!

    Do you still think you are good enough to get paid to write? Well, if yes is your answer, then you are in the right place as I’m going to share with you a detailed list of some of the best websites that will pay you to write short stories. Ready? Let’s get started below.

    Write and Get Paid Instantly: 17 Websites to Get Paid to Write Articles Online

    Here below are some websites that will offer you the opportunity of writing for money:

    1. Scotch

    Scotch is a website that was created by developers Chris and Nick to serve as a platform where developers and like-minded individuals could share knowledge, tips, and tactics to enhance their skills.

    It quickly grew into a global community of developers that help other learning developers with important tips.

    The website also publishes content that is written by other developers from around the globe. The best part is that you can apply to become a Scotch author and if you get approved and your articles are great, you get paid for them!

    If you are a developer that wishes to share your ideas in writing and get paid to write content that is focused around the developer niche, then Scotch could be a deal for you.

    Link –

    Niche – Web development

    a laptop on a white table with home plants and yellow mug, in laptop work is of web development

    2. Bitch Media

    Bitch Media is a magazine that publishes a number of publications both online as well as their print magazine. They mostly focus on feminist responses to ordinary media and also pop culture.

    They are accustomed to publishing online content five days a week and are always looking for fresh and new discussion-provoking essays. If you love to write about feminist essays that are well researched with evidence that can back your claims, then you could just be the writer they are looking for.

    When applying for acceptance as a contributor to bitch Media as a first-time author, you will be required to first send a 300-word sample write up. You can expect to get paid between $150 and $1000 for your articles, depending on the length and nature of your articles.

    Link –

    Niche – Feminism

    3. Wow, Women on Writing

    This is a female-centric online platform that looks after the welfare of female writers. The website has got a very robust audience that read their online publications on a daily basis.

    Some of the topics that the website focuses on include; freelancing innovative business, and training.

    If you are looking to write articles and get paid instantly by them, you would first ensure the first start by reading their already published articles.

    This will help you get an idea and tone of their writing style. Most articles that are published on the website are informative and relaxed.

    You can expect to get paid $100200 for a 3000 feature article that is successfully published by them.

    Link –

    Niche – Feminism

    4. Link-Able

    If you are an experienced author that only writes high-quality content, then Link-Able can be a great online platform for you to make money online writing.

    At the platform, you get the opportunity to earn money publishing content for a wide range of well-paying clients spread across diverse industries.

    Link-Able will match you with relevant clients or businesses that are looking to be mentioned in popular publications or have their links shared in such publications.

    The website was founded by Jay Douglas, and it offers generous rates for article contributors. Just ensure that you write native English or very high-quality English for you to be accepted as an author there.

    Link –

    Niche – Business, Finance, Marketing, Health, Sport, Tech, Retail & more


    This one is basically a humour website that publishes various humorous pieces published on it regularly. If you have a knack for writing and also have a sense of humor, then you can write and get paid right away here as well.

    They have a write for us page that you can visit and find out more about their guidelines for accepting contributors that they pay.

    The best thing is that you really don’t have to have any experience as long as you can create quality content free grammatical errors. You also enjoy the advantage of having your article getting read by a huge audience!

    Link –

    Niche – Humor focused

    6. BMichelle Pipin

    This is another good site that you can get the opportunity to sell your writing skills. The website is usually looking for articles that are focused on helping small businesses enhance their profit margins, impact, or influence.

    The website is keen on offering its wide audience high-quality business and marketing content. This means that you have to be an expert on the field that you apply to be considered to write about.

    You would very easily fit in to write for this website if you have hands-on experience or great ideas on business and marketing.

    The website mostly publishes content that is, women-focused. If you think you can write and get paid writing for them, kindly visit their author link below.

    Link –

    Niche – Business/marketing

    a man sitting holding a tablet and pen watching business and marketing charts

    7. E-Writer Solutions

    This website provides a platform for talented writers to take on a variety of writing projects given to them and get paid doing what they enjoy.

    The platform mainly has got tasks that involve eBook writing and topics covered range from cookbooks, self-help, diet books, spirituality, fiction, and much more. To get started on the platform as a paid writer, you will have to request to be accepted by the admin, who will test you to ascertain your credentials.

    There are three tiers for writers on the platform; tier 1, 2, and 3. As a new writer, you start in tier one, get to tier two, and lastly, tier three on the merit, of course!

    Link –

    Niche – Ebook writing on topics like; cookbooks, diet, self-help, spirituality, etc.

    8. Investopedia

    Investopedia is an online publication that posts financial news almost every day. It reports mostly about the stock markets, financial news, and the global financial outlook in general.

    It has been around since 1999, and they boast of a talented team of writers and editors. Occasionally, they usually seek to recruit writers and editors to add to their team who help to create content for them.

    Investopedia is part of the Dotdash publishing company, so when you are applying for consideration as a writer, you can apply via their

    Link –

    Niche – Finance/Business

    a photo of finance page showing dow jones chart

    9. Hot Ghost Writer

    If you have a knack for creating amazing stories, then you will find a hot ghostwriter an excellent platform for you. It is an online platform that creates eBooks for their customers.

    Due to the huge demand, they have from their clients, they are constantly seeking for ghostwriters to help them meet the demand. The hot ghostwriter is a perfect online eBook writing service that you can write for and get paid to do what you love doing.

    It has been around since June 2016 when it was established by the founder Delfim Alvaro. If you wish to get considered, you send your resume and samples of your written content to the admin there.

    Link –

    Niche – eBook writing service

    10. Ardor Content

    Ardor Content is yet another excellent online resource for writers that you can write and get paid instantly to answer questions and articles. You need to have a strong mastery of the English language, impeccable grammar, passion for writing, exceptional use of the English language, and the ability to write and research about topics assigned to you.

    The website mostly handles website content that is optimized for the search engines as well as writing blogs. For you to become part of their writing team, you have to pass English tests assigned to you by the admin.

    Link –

    Niche – Web and content marketing


    This is another good place you could start writing for money. The website accepts high-quality content written by users that they accepted to work with.

    Your articles must be of very high quality for them to be accepted and get paid. You can expect to get paid at least $60 for approved articles.

    Link –

    Niche – Blog articles

    13. Digital Ocean

    This website provides its users with regular updates of programming & design guides and tutorials. This is to help their users to keep up with the changing and emerging techniques and technology in programming and design.

    They are constantly looking for writers who can help them create tutorials that are focused on programming and design. 

    You need to have an excellent grasp of programming and design to consider writing on this platform.

    You get paid $50 for every tutorial that you write for them and are successfully published in the community section of the website. Because there is no limit to the amount of content that you are allowed to write, you can work more to get paid more!

    Link –

    Niche – Programming and design

    three design of web pages drawn on white page

    14. What Culture

    This is yet another good website that you can write and get paid instantly for your efforts. It is an online platform that shares news, opinions, and entertainment coverage to millions of its users from around the world every month.

    It is an online magazine that is based in the UK that is offering authors an opportunity to earn from their written pieces. Some of the content that is published includes articles about film, gaming, music, sports, television, and so much more.

    If you get accepted as a contributing author, you had the opportunity to have your content pieces shared on popular media such as BBC, Sky News, Metro Radio, Dublin Radio as well as various national newspapers.

    Link –

    Niche – News/entertainment/sports

    15. Strong Whispers

    This website offers its readers a variety of articles centered on lifestyle, environment, and other interesting social issues. You got a large range here, and your contribution as a writer on this website won’t be limited!

    The articles that you can write here could talk about greed in the corporate sector, reform in the education sector, environment and exploitation, and so much more.

    They offer $50 – $150 for every article that is published on the website. They publish at least 2-3 guest posts every month so you can take this advantage!

    Link –

    Niche – News/lifestyle/environment/politics

    16. Site Point

    This website generally accepts writers who are web professionals that have a passion for design and web development. They specifically look for content that is technical, well-written, instructive, and innovative.

    The website is based in Melbourne, Australia, but accepts writers from all over the world. Note that they have very strict guidelines for accepting writers on their website but also pay so well for your published content.

    To get started with the website as an article contributor to get paid for your content, you can visit its write for us page shown on the link below.

    Link –

    Niche – Programming

    17. UX Booth

    It is a design-centered website that publishes content for web designers across the globe. You can still make money by writing content that is published on the website for its readers.

    You will first have to pitch content ideas with the admin there, and if it gets accepted, you write the content and get paid for it. The pay per an article in UX Booth is $100.

    Link –

    Niche – Design


    From the above list of websites, you have learned how you can easily write and get paid instantly. There are some websites that will pay you to write short stories while there are others that simply send you bulk orders. The choice is now all cut for you to choose any website above that you would like to get paid to write for.

    Which of these mentioned websites above do you think will best suit your needs?

    Deep B.
    Deep. B. is an online entrepreneur at heart, with a 5 figure monthly income. Phased many ups and downs in life. But now his life is on the road. Having a great experience in making money online. Created many side hustles for himself. And Surely he can help you with your online journey.


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