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    Are you a college student looking for easy online jobs to make easy money?

    If yes, then I have good news for you. As a result of the developments in technology, there are many online jobs today. You can do these jobs from the comforts of your home, no matter where live in this whole world.

    Since the age of the internet has begun, job opportunities have increased exponentially, including online jobs for college students.

    best online jobs for college students

    There are many reasons why college students go for online jobs. First of all, it is quite convenient to work from home or any other place without spending hours in one place. Then, these online jobs can help you keep money in your wallet.

    When I was a student, there were many other expenditures to pay for other than my college fees. The thing is that it can be quite difficult to meet several small expenditures on a regular basis, especially when you are still a student.

    Besides, online jobs can provide various ways for college students to make money online and reduce the burden of additional overheads on their families. Especially, if you are studying in a foreign country or the financial condition of their family is not very good.

    Over the years, I have learned a lot about online ways to make money. So, here I am with a list of some of the online best jobs for college students according to my experience. Although I have mainly prepared this list of college students, others can try them as well.

    19 Well Paid Online Jobs for College Students at Home

    I know you are in college and you don’t have much time to do a full-time job. There are many ways for college students to earn money through the internet. Additionally, these are well-paid jobs and can be started from your home.

    1. Working as a Virtual Assistant

    zirtual offers virtual assistants for entrepreneurs, professionals and small teams

    Average Pay Per Hour – $15-$30/hour

    Well, I think based on your skills and qualifications, you might be able to make $15 to $30 or more for every hour.

    As a virtual assistant, you can provide your services from anywhere in the world. You might have to do various tasks for them.

    Such as data entry, social media management, making appointments, sending emails, customer service, and more.

    How much you can earn for your services, it would depend on your experience with such tasks and skills you possess.

    If you have particular skills like online marketing, copywriting, etc.then you can charge a higher rate per hour. Entrepreneurs or business organizations mainly hire virtual assistants to contract out their regular business tasks.

    These tasks do not necessarily need the involvement of the employers or their in-house staff of the organization. They can be done by an outside party like a Virtual Assistant.

    If you want to work as a virtual assistant, make a list of your skills and services you can provide. Then, you can create your profile on freelance websites and start looking for work. and Zirtual can be a great place to start.

    2. Social Media Manager

    Average Pay Per Hour – $15-$40/hour

    If you are already spending a lot of time on social media, then social media manager might be the job you are looking for.

    Enjoy your time on social media while also making some money out of it. I believe you can make between $15-$40/hour.

    Just about every business uses social media for its promotional purposes and you can help them manage it effectively and efficiently.

    This can be one of the lucrative online jobs for college students. Social media managers help in building brand awareness amongst the target audience. They curate content, build connections with potential clientele, and helps in generating new leads.

    To find a job as a social media manager, I would recommend you to contact local businesses such as cafes, retail stores, fitness studios, etc. Tell them about the services you can offer.

    Try to find the jobs on social media platforms you frequently use. Tell your potential clients about how you can help grow their business and attract new customers.

    You can get these jobs at Freelancer and Upwork.

    3. Online Tutor

    Average Pay Per Hour – $10-$40 or more

    The Internet has made it possible for you to connect with people all over the world. Thus, it has also made it possible for you to become an online tutor and reach out to students of all ages worldwide.

    You can help them with their studies from your own place and they can learn stuff from the comfort of their own place.

    Online tutoring is basically about helping students with their subjects over the Internet. But they can help with learning other things as well.

    As an online tutor, you can work with students of all categories, from kindergarten to college students and others. It is like assisting the student with distance learning.

    You can also motivate students to build confidence in themselves and help them make a strong grip on the subject matter. I have found that you can do wonders with your students by giving them a positive and encouraging feedback on their learning process.

    While working as an online tutor, some people help students improve their study skills, while others could help improve their test-taking skills. It’s up to you what you are good at.

    There are many home jobs for college students where potential clients are looking for an online tutor. Sometimes they are looking for someone to help with a subject or just an assignment.

    Depending on how many hours you can work, choose your job and if selected, start working to make some extra bucks. Choose your subject matter based on your expertise. can provide you with some good job opportunities.

    4. Blogger

    Average Pay – Varies according to niche (Potential of 10,000+ per month)

    I can relate to this. When I was still in college when I started working as a part-time blogger for one of my acquaintances. I can’t say that my pay was high enough at that time to pay for all my bills. But still, I was able to meet some expenditures here and there.

    You can do the same. Blogging is one of the most preferred ways for college students to make money online. As a blogger, you will have to write content for the target audience. To make money as a blogger, you would have to produce content that offers some kind of value for the readers.

    For example, instead of about what you did at an event, write about what you learned from that event. Write about what you learned and how it can help other readers. The content should be both, captivating and informative.

    Before you start writing blogs, pick a topic that you like and have some knowledge about. This will help you decide your target audience and write for them. If you want you can start with easy topics and then move to those with broader sense.

    You can write for other bloggers who are new or who own popular blogs with a large amount of website traffic every day. They can pay you for writing and later if you want, you can create your own blog and start making more money. Bluehost is a great choice to start your blogging career.

    5. Freelance Writer

    Average Pay Per Article – $80-$400+ per article

    This is one of the best online jobs for college students where the trend seems to be moving upward in the future. From what I am seeing, the way more and more businesses are going online, they need strong content to promote their business. 

    Pay would depend on your writing skills, experience, and the quality of your work. But if you are just starting with no experience, but possess good grammatical and writing skills, you can work as a freelance writer. 

    Freelance writing provides is a lucrative work from home job, providing you with a chance to make some good money. Some online publishers hire freelance writers. You can look for those jobs as well. 

    To start working as a freelance writer, you can create an account with Upwork and Textbroker.

    You can also start applying for freelance writer job on –

    Despite being so many opportunities available, beware of fraud parties. Check your potential clients’ profile before applying for the job. If possible, check the reviews and ratings of previous freelance writers who have worked with that client. 

    If you are not careful, you might work for a client for weeks while waiting for payment and that client might disappear on you without making payment. Trust my advice, I have been through that.

    6. Graphic Designer

    a graphic designer working on white macnook with color system sheets on left side and different type of pens on other side

    Average Pay Per Hour – $20-$50/hour

    Are you looking for an online job that can be fun and creative? If yes, then graphic designing can be that job for you. Graphic designing has been around for some time now.

    It is a lucrative job opportunity for those who have the skill or talent. It includes a wide range of jobs. From working on jobs like creating a logo to jobs like creating a whole promotional brochure, there are easy to most complex jobs available on the Internet.

    If you have the technical knowledge and work with different tools and software, you can look for graphic designing jobs.

    It can be a fun job if you are enjoying what you are doing. To promote your talent, you can create a social media page and post your sample works there. Some designers charge by the hour while others charge by projects. It is up to you how you want to get paid.

    Though, I would suggest you bill your client by the project. Suppose, you charge $100 for a project and you complete the project in 2 hours. Then, your operative hourly rate would be $50. That way, you can realize how much you can charge on an hourly basis if needed as per the project.

    How to Start As a Graphic Designer

    To work as a beginner online graphic designer, you don’t need any degree or certificate. But you do need the talents and skills for graphic designing. You make take online courses to learn the skill.

    You can find various guides and instructional videos online to learn the basics of graphic designing and more. I would recommend you go to them. This can help you learn the ins and outs of graphic designing tools and how you can land yourself a lucrative job.

    To start finding jobs, you can create your profile on freelancing websites or also check out your local area for some gigs. Fiverr offers some great opportunities for beginners. You can start with low-paying gigs and once you start gaining more experience, it would be easier to get more lucrative jobs for college students online.

    This can also help you create a career in this field if you want. Here also I would recommend you to be careful when you are working for a client online.

    7. Online Survey

    survey junkie offers to take surveys and get paid to help brands deliver better products & services

    Average Pay Per Survey – $2-$20 per survey

    This job can be done without investment and with no experience. Online surveys like Survey Junkie is a great way to make some extra bucks. You don’t require any particular skills or qualifications to do this job. The only thing you need to know is how to use the internet.

    They require no skills except the ability to use the internet. You can do it whenever you have time like between the classes while using public transport, in your free hours before going to bed, and more.

    It won’t make your pockets heavier, but it is a nice way to spend your free time more productively. Most of these easy online jobs pay between $2 and $3 for each survey. But really, these are just a kind of average figures.

    Pay can differ from client to client, from location to location. Usually, it takes only a few minutes for people to complete the survey, and you are given a specific number of surveys to be completed in a day.

    So basically, you are looking to make just a bit of extra money, not something that could support your requirements in a big way. But if want to start somewhere, I would recommend, start with this.

    To start working, most of the survey sites such as Survey Junkie ask you to sign up, fill some details about yourself and then you can start working. Inboxdollars, Swagbucks are also some great choices to become an online surveyor. You will get a $5 or $10 bonus.

    8. Proofreading

    Average Pay Per Hour – $12-$30/hour

    Proofreading is one of those online jobs where you need the knack for spotting grammatical or punctuation errors in an already written material. According to some average data, you might be able to make $12-$30 per hour.

    It is one of the best online jobs if you are a college student. Since you are a college student, you must always be reviewing and proofreading your papers and assignments for any mistakes before submitting them.

    So if you are actually good at it proofreading stuff, why not use it to make some money. But do not mistake proofreading for editing. They both are very different things. Editing is about adding and removing content including restructuring. But proofreading is only about correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

    If you want to improve your proofreading skills, there are free online courses available to learn more.

    There are various job opportunities available on Upwork and Proofreading services.

    Create your profile and start working. There you can get jobs from all over the world.

    9. Online Tester

    user tester offers earn up to $60 per test, complete a set of tasks, speaking your thoughts out loud and get paid

    Average Pay Test – Up to $60 per test

    In this job, you are paid for testing the features of apps and websites. This can be a well-paid job for you. Many companies want to test their apps before launching them for public use.

    They hire others to test their apps and give feedback about their experience with the app. You can also do this job and get paid for it. It is perhaps one of the easiest home jobs for college students.

    To get jobs, create an account on the freelancing website, mention the devices you use, and then start applying for jobs.

    To become an app tester, you would need a fully updated smartphone or computer, and based on the clients’ requirements, it may also be a microphone and webcam. In the end, you need to find places where you can find these jobs. UserTesting is a great choice to become an app tester.

    10. Data Entry Jobs

    Average Pay Per Hour – $11-$20

    Data entry jobs are not very lucrative jobs, but they don’t require any particular qualification either. Usually, all you would require is a computer and a reliable internet connection.

    Data entry is a job where you would have to enter the data into a computer. You would be provided the data by clients through online or offline means.

    I recommend you improve your typing skills along with learning more about keyboard shortcuts. This will help you improve the speed of entering data and deliver the work at a faster rate.

    At times, clients also ask the freelancer to collect some particular data from the Internet or some specific websites. So there can be many sources from where clients would want you to collect data and enter into an online database.

    You can work this job as a freelancer by creating an online profile on a trustworthy job website and start looking for the right job.

    Since it is an online job, the payment would also come through online means. You would have to provide the details where you want to receive the payment. So be careful when you are sharing your financial details. Also, beware of the fraud clients.

    You can find data entry jobs on websites such as –

    11. Resume Writer

    Average Pay Per Resume – $30-$50 per resume

    Resume writers are quite in demand these days. A well-written resume can help you get the right job as per your qualifications and good pay. People are always looking for jobs and a great, professionally prepared resume can give a crucial advantage over their competitors.

    If you have the talent in writing and can do in a well-organized manner, resume writing can be a good job for you. It can be one of the better online jobs for college students.

    You can be hired by an individual or a company. Usually, online companies hire college students to write professional resumes along with other types of content. They can offer full time or part-time job. You can work based on your schedule and the client’s requirements.

    If you get some really good opportunities, you can make $30 to $50 per hour. Look around yourself to get paid to write. You might find someone who is about to graduate and want to prepare a strong resume to apply for job opportunities.

    Best place to find online jobs for resume writing on ResumeEdge. I can’t say if it would be easy to find resume writing jobs or not.

    But there is a lot of competition in the market as of now since the Internet has made it possible to hire people from anywhere in the world.

    So to begin with, you can reach out to people in your existing network and see if anyone needs your services like a friend looking for an internship.

    12. Virtual Recruiter

    Average Pay Per Hour – $10-$30/hour

    Virtual recruiters perform the same tasks as a conventional recruiter. Their main goal is to help employers find the right candidates for the vacancies at their office.

    As a virtual recruiter, you would be working from a remote location such as your home. You would be working as an intermediary between potential employers and job candidates.

    Use your skills and connections to find out who are looking for jobs and employees. Use online platforms to connect job seekers with the right potential employers and the right jobs.

    With better job opportunities, you can make about $10-$30 per hour. You can work as a freelancer and look at the virtual recruiter jobs on LinkedIn, Upwork, Freelancer, and more.

    13. Audio Transcription

    transcribe anywhere offers transcriptionists build successful business with affordable, all-inclusive education and lifetime support

    Average Pay Per Hour – $10-$26/hour

    In audio transcription service, a speech or an audio recording is converted into a written form using an electronic device such as a computer or mobile.

    Each day with more technological advancements, computers are getting better at identifying and understanding the human voice. But they are still far from being perfect.

    Due to this, the demand for an audio transcriptionist is on the rise. People are hiring part-time or full-time employees to listen to the audio and convert it into written form. To this job, you should be an excellent listener and must be able to grasp the accent of the audio voice correctly.

    Along with that, you must also have a good typing speed to finish the job on time and with complete accuracy. If you are good at it, you can make a lot of money out of these online jobs for college students. Rev will pay you $0.24-$0.90 per audio minute. The more you work, the more you can earn.

    You can start with TranscribeAnywhere for good rates.

    14. Video Captioning

    paused video of bali with caption "don't rank seminyak high for the adventure factor it definite;y had a lot"

    Average Pay – $27-$45 per hour video captioned

    Video captioning is very similar to audio transcription. While audio transcriptionists convert audio into text, video captioning is about converting video speech into text. You can usually find them at the bottom part of the video.

    They are usually placed to match the audio with the video. Most of the time, video captions also show other sounds from the video in the text form. You would need a lot more concentration for captioning the videos as compared to audio transcription.

    Pay is also better than what you can get as an audio transcriptionist. At Rev, you can get $0.45-$0.75 per video minute. If you want more pay, I would suggest, you do more work. To become successful at video captioning, you need better listening and typing skills.

    If you are good at it, you will get more work and hence more extra bucks.

    15. Video Editing

    vidoe edition software on an imac , video edit of a person in yellow coat and whitecap, raising hand, singing

    Average Pay Per Hour – $15-$45/hour

    People love watching videos, a lot more than text or images. They are also a profitable form of communicating and connecting with the target audience. Most of the mobile data is used by people to watch videos and movies.

    If you have the skills to edit the videos, then you can work as a video editor. This job does not require any degree, instead, it requires technical skills on your part. There are various tools and software that can help with video editing.

    If you want to get better at video editing, you can search online. There are various instructional videos and other materials that can help you. With skills and experience, you can make a lot of money through video editing jobs online for college students. For video editing Fiverr is the best place to start.

    16. Photography

    girl photographer wearing wrist watch having camera in hands watching watching in screen of the camera

    Average Pay Per Hour – $20-$65

    While videos are perhaps the most popular form of media amongst people, photography has still not lost all its charm. Working as a freelance photographer can be a fun and rewarding job for you.

    Skilled photographers are still high in demand. People do hire photographers for taking photos and editing them.

    This job largely depends on your creativity in taking pictures and the quality of the end product. Mobile devices today come equipped with high-quality cameras. So even if you do not own a professional camera, you can still start working as a freelance photographer and make lots of money.

    You can charge based on your skills and experience. To promote your services, you can also create a social media account and share your sample work there. That way, you would be able to attract more people and get more job opportunities. You can sell your photographs on Shutterstock at a premium price.

    17. Web Developer

    Average Pay Per Hour – $12-$44

    Despite what you are studying, if you have the skills of a web developer, you can do this to make money online as a college student.

    If you understand the basics of web development and want to improve your skills, you can take free online courses or watch instructional videos.

    If you are a new web developer, you can begin with small jobs. I have known a few people who started with editing the existing websites and then went on to build new websites. With smaller projects, while the pay might be less, you will get a lot of experience.

    Go to Upwork or Freelancer and create your profile there. Then start looking for jobs. Remember, the more experience you have, the better would be the quality of your work. Hence, there would be more clients, more jobs and higher pay.

    18. Search Engine Evaluator

    Average Pay Per Hour – $12-$16

    A search engine evaluator analyzes search engine results to make sure that they are correct and significant. They do research and deliver feedback on the accuracy and relevance of search engine results.

    If you want to assist search engines such as Google to clear their irrelevant results, become a search engine evaluator.

    While doing this job, you will get to rate social media advertisements and search engine results based on their importance.

    These online jobs for college students are flexible and you can work these jobs around your demanding college calendar. You can search for these jobs at Lionbridge and Appen.

    19. Translator

    Average Pay Per Hour – $10-$38

    If you are well-versed in a foreign language or languages, you can become an online translator. You can make a good side income as a freelance translator.

    Usually, these jobs include translation of documents from one language to another. Translators are in high demand and if you are good at your job, you can make lots of money from the comforts of your home.

    To become a translator, you would have to be good in at least two languages.


    There is no lack of online jobs for college students. You can easily start working and make big money at home or while still in college libraries. Most of these jobs are flexible and you can work them around your college hours.

    I hope the list of jobs that I have shared will give you some insight into how you can make money online from the comfort of your home.

    These jobs do not require any official qualification and you can do them as long as you have the necessary skills and equipment.

    Online jobs provide the most effective set up for college students. Even with no experience and without investment, you can do these easy online jobs.

    You can also check under the table jobs here.

    Working online as a freelancer is mostly about how much work you can get done. The more work you do, the more money you can make.

    If you are good at something and a legit opportunity comes along to make money out of it, I would recommend you to go for it. The only thing you need to be careful about is that beware of the fraudsters and always share your personal and financial details carefully.

    At last, can I ask your expected pay per hour?

    Deep B.
    Deep. B. is an online entrepreneur at heart, with a 5 figure monthly income. Phased many ups and downs in life. But now his life is on the road. Having a great experience in making money online. Created many side hustles for himself. And Surely he can help you with your online journey.


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