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    So you don’t want to do Job? And want to make money.

    In today’s world of commercialization, money becomes an essential aspect of life. With dwindling job opportunities and increased competition, to make money without a job is difficult, but not impossible.

    College students, high school kids, or people who have no time to do a proper job due to other commitments can use these tricks and tips to earn money. In fact, anyone willing to make some extra bucks by exploring new avenues can use these methods.

    how to make money without a job

    Today I will explore with you some avenues to make money without working for someone else. In fact, by identifying the right kind of opportunities, money making without working for someone is possible.

    Before I actually get down to the list of activities that will help in money generation, let’s first understand the fact that it needs proper planning and execution too.

    Money can also be made by collecting discount coupons and then using them to save money. In these cases, though the actual cash is not credited in your account, it helps in saving the actual money. The first thing that needs to be understood here is that I can give you pointers, but the actual activity will have to done by you and you alone.

    Now let’s discuss the ways that can help to make money without a typical job, whether you are jobless, in high school, or college. It can be broadly divided into two parts- going out to work or work from home.

    32 Easy Ways to Make Money Without a Job

    Are you stuck with your regular job or jobless and not able to find an appropriate job for you. You are probably thinking about how to make money without a job. Then these 32 ways will help you a lot.

    Work at Home

    With the increased use of the internet, working from home has grown in the last few years. Now people can earn a proper living through working from home, as compared to the early days where it was just used to earn some extra bucks.

    The easiest way to make some quick money is to share opinions either by filling up surveys or by doing micro-tasks, which I mentioned in these points.

    1. Online Trading

    Few high-risk ways of making money without a job include online market trading and betting legally. For online trading, it is important to understand markets and the companies that you are dealing with along with sound financial understanding. This will need highly skilled individuals and is not advised for everyone.

    Unless you are sure of the ways, stock markets behave and have a good understanding of the world economy in general. The local economy in particular, the risk of losing money is very high.

    The best sites that can be used for the purpose is Acorns. You will also need a bank account, and a few other formalities will have to be fulfilled before starting the trading.

    2. Invest in Real Estate with a Low Amount

    fundrise offers investment in real eastate with intrest rate of 8.7-12.4%

    Another way to make money without a traditional job is to invest small amounts of money in real estate and redeeming it when the costs go up.

    There are companies like Fundrise, which allow you to invest an amount as low as $500 to start with. Though historically they have given returns that are better than SIPs in general, the returns are not guaranteed, and investments of this kind should be made with caution.

    3. Do Online Surveys for Money

    prizerebel offers signup for make money online now with paid online surveys and redeem it in cash & gift cards

    To do an online survey, get yourself registered for free on Swagbucks and Prize rebel. Once you match their selection criteria, you get surveys on mail, and simply giving your honest opinion can help you earn money.

    On joining with Swagbucks, you will also give Signing Up bonuses of $10. Later these points can be redeemed to get coupons to shop or cash out and get free PayPal money instantly.

    To ensure regular work on these sites, mention every detail you can think about. This will result in you getting invited to an increased number of surveys.

    4. Write Reviews and Get Cash

    Additionally, you can share your opinion about a product by writing reviews for shopping sites like Amazon. You can also write reviews on Review stream where you can choose the area you want to concentrate on and submit your reviews.

    The pay per review ranges from $5 to $18. Search around; there are many sites similar to these. By creating a well-balanced portfolio of such websites, you can make a decent amount of money.

    Contributing regularly to their blogs add value to your profile and help you earn extra in terms of coupons and discounts. 

    5. Become a Mystery Shopper

    You can also register to become a mystery shopper and then write reviews and experience as a customer. The reviews can be on various things like it a product, food of a restaurant, or experience of some recreational activities.

    The reviews here are used for market research and studying consumer behavior by customer-centric companies. These experiences help them in evaluating consumer preferences and needs and thus in improving the overall experience of the customers.

    Thus, the work here is constant, and it helps in taking care of lots of living costs, both in terms of buying stuff and then by money that is made through reviews. One such site is Secret shopper, and by contributing to their blog, the extra money can be made too.

    6. Do Online Shopping from Particular Sites Only

    rakuten offers sign up bonus of $10 and get up to 40% cash back at over 2500 stores

    Another way to save money and win coupons and discounts is to shop online using particular websites only and then make money either in terms of money back or in the form of discount coupons if you buy from their partner websites.

    Rakuten and Ibotta are a few sites that I recommend, and you can use them. These sites usually give joining bonuses too that can be redeemed later along with other points.

    7. Be an Instagram Influencer

    You can also become an Instagram influencer. Find a niche area that you like and develop it into your strong point. Travel influencers and influencers related to beauty products are extremely popular at present. Most of these vloggers make videos of the products that are introduced in the market and share their opinion. And guess what, they are making money without doing a typical job.

    Depending on the number of followers, the money you can make can be around $300+ per sponsored post. By having a business account, you can also earn by placing ads along with your post.

    They talk about its value, the ease with which it can be used, and other such aspects. The followers see these videos and buy stuff because of their influence.

    Similarly, travel vlogs short videos are gaining popularity since it allows followers to enjoy the world without stepping out of their homes. It not only helps them in choosing their next vacation but also gives them ideas as to the activities that they can do once they reach the destination.

    Since this indirect marketing helps in increasing the sales of a product or make a travel destination more popular, these influencers also get paid by the concerned stakeholders in terms of free products or expense paid holidays.

     By sharing things regularly, you can build loyal followers, and gradually you start earning.

    8. Start a Youtube Channel

    A similar concept can also be used on YouTube. By being interactive, you can ensure that your followers remain with you, and you can generate a passive income over some time. Ensure that you can market your channel initially, and later on, it picks up on its own.

    For every 1000 views on your monetized account with Adsense, the money you can make is approximately $5-10.

    There are many options to monetize it, and you may choose Google Adsense, Affiliate products, and sponsorships.

    YouTube has changed the way people are acquiring new skills. Use your skillset and share information with others in a way that it is easy to understand and reproduce.

    This method is guaranteed to garner support and views for your channel and again generate passive income after some time. For example, you can share simple and practical tips to maintain a garden in winters or ways to plan and pre-cook dinner on weekdays.

    Ensure that the idea you are working on is of general interest, and you can gain the attention of lots of people to ensure regular traffic and grow your channel. Learn to use keywords and concepts of Youtube SEO before you enter this arena.

    9. Start Your Blog That Generates $3000+ per Month

    Writing biographies, Ebooks, or blogs online can also help in making money. To write articles or E-books for your blog, you first need to prove yourself as a good writer, and only then people will outsource such work to you. An E-book can only be written if you are good at writing fiction or poetry or such artistic stuff.

    A logical way to become a writer can be to become a blogger first.

    You can connect your Instagram influencing account with your blog to maximize traffic at both places. Bluehost is considered to be one of the best places to start a blog journey, which I recommend to you.

    Ensure you use a trustworthy Host to start with, even when you have to pay a small amount; otherwise, there is a greater risk of future difficulties.

    While writing a blog, ensure you can share its link at various places to increase traffic and turn your writing in profitable business. A basic idea of internet marketing and adding links to relevant places will go a long way in having organic traffic to your blog.

    Ensure you share the link of your blog at all social networking sites and encourage your acquaintances to share it further.

    10. Hoard Domain Names and Then Sell Them on Premium

    You can also buy domain names on sites like Godaddy (at a low price) and keep them.

    The initial cost of buying them is very low, but there are chances that you hit the jackpot. You can sell some of them on the high premium value. This practice is also called as domain flipping.

    Though it does not guarantee big money or constant money, you can still use it to learn to make some extra money.

    11. Teach Kids Online

    Knowledge can also be shared by teaching online. The online method of teaching has caught up very fast due to its reach and ease at which it can be used. To teach kids online, few skills are needed.

    First and foremost is the knowledge of the subject that you plan to teach. Subjects that are difficult to understand like mathematics have greater scope than simpler ones.

    You need to register on Chegg and Tutor websites that create a common platform for student kids and teachers. They charge a small amount for their services.

    12. Share Notes Online

    Money can also be generated by sharing your notes online with other students.

    Sites such as Nexusnotes sell notes to the students that are either too busy or too lazy to make them. Check out whether your notes are still relevant, and if they are, simply sell it on a website and earn some quick money.

    13. Rent out Your Car

    turo offers to list car and car will work for us and make money without a job

    Instead of sharing your knowledge, another way to make money without a job is to share your stuff.

    If you have a car that you use sparingly, rent it out. Check out for the car rental companies that also use private cars like Turo. For no additional cost, you end up earning some money.

    Once you register your car and update your calendar, upload a few pictures of your car. Once someone requests a car in your area, you get a notification, and you can decide whether you want to rent it or not.

    With a 24*7 support system, accidental and mileage coverage, and flexibility to decide your own price. It is a straightforward way to earn some money with your car.

    14. Rent out Your Musical Instruments

    As kids, we pick up a few hobbies and buy things like a guitar and over a period to lose interest in it. In such cases, we end up having things that you and I no longer use but can be thrown out too.

    You can also rent out your musical instruments on Musicarts to make some quick money as a kid also. And get connected with your local musical and theatre groups to know about the requirements.

    Connect to your local schools and institutes also. Since they do not need musical instruments on a day to day basis, they prefer to rent it as per their needs. Thus, they can generate a good income stream but not regularly.

    15. Sell Your Designer Stuff

    Selling luxury clothes, accessories, handbags, etc. that you no longer need but are in good condition can also generate a one-time income. Sites like Coutureusa can help you get started.

    In these sites, you can sell pre-owned luxury items and make some money without working for someone.

    The first step on such sites is generally filling up a form to generate a code. Then you get a quote from an experienced buyer. If you are satisfied with the money being offered, you can accept it, ship it to them. Within a day or two of the approval of the product, money transfer is initiated into your pre-decided account.

    This is a great way to declutter your house and, at the same time, get the value of your earlier purchase. Though it will not give a constant flow of income, it is still an excellent way to make some money.

    16. Sell Your Old Unused Things

    You can search for a flea market to sell other pre-owned stuff. eBay also sells pre-owned stuff, and since it has a wider reach as compared to other websites. The probability of finding a buyer increases here.

    You can also sell used books on Bookscouters, old television sets, furniture, etc. on eBay that are good enough to be used on such sites.

    17. Share Your Space with Airbnb

    Sharing extra space in your house can also help in making cash. By offering your extra space to a visitor, you end up making money without actually doing anything.

    Airbnb is one of the most popular sites which I suggest for this kind of space sharing. The site is extremely popular with budget travelers who prefer homestays instead of hotels. Travelers’ who stay for longer periods or who are interested in enjoying the local atmosphere and culture of the place also prefer such places.

    In the last few years, Airbnb has gained a lot of popularity worldwide. It allows a traveler to enjoy a stay in the countryside to a villa or some exotic place economically.

    For a host, with multiple houses, this brings an opportunity to share space and earn for the upkeep of the property as well as earn some extra bucks.

    18. Create Co-working Space

    in a co working space having white furniture and people working together as an office

    People with extra space in offices can also turn their offices into co-working space to make a regular decent income. Though the concept of co-working space is not new, it has started gaining momentum now with an increased number of entrepreneurs in the market.

    In the initial stage of business, sharing space will help in staying afloat longer and in reducing the overall running costs.

    Since these places usually have the entire infrastructure like security, net connectivity, etc. in place and are flexible enough to be customized to some extent. And most of the entrepreneurs prefer them over traditional business offices, thus generating a constant income flow.

    Several sites act as a common platform for the people who are trying to rent or lease the space. WeWork can be used to start with.

    19. Don’t Have Space to Rent Then Do This

    homeaway offers make money with renting out bedrooms with bathrooms

    If you do not have an independent place to rent out, but just an extra place to sleep, you can use sites like HomeAway. You can offer it to a budget traveler and earn money.

    In today’s world of shrinking places in big cities, this kind of sharing ensures regular income. The only caution that needs to be taken in such cases is to ensure that the background check and identity of the visitors are verified.

    Thus it is always good to use sites that are trusted rather than any random site even if the trusted sites are charging a premium.

    20. Make Your Own Channel and Sell Courses Online

    E-learning websites will replace traditional ways of learning new things. Well, you can also create your own independent courses and upload them on various platforms like Udemy, YouTube, or on your own website.

    A vast portion of the population depends on the internet to learn new languages or supplement classroom teaching. So choose to teach a language, your native language can be a great option. Teaching cooking of traditional food, some kind of art, or dance can also be explored.

    You just need to identify your present skill sets and the ones that you can grow before deciding on your niche. Ensure you can generate initial traffic to the website, and then after some time, you will be able to create passive income.

    An average course can bring in $1000 to $5000 per month, depending on the number of participants.

    Or you can learn courses on Udemy first if you don’t have skills. Where after completion, certificates are given that are recognized worldwide. The ease of following courses on your pace and from the comfort of your home is the main reason for their popularity.

    21. Provide Home-Cooked Meals to Guests

    in a kitchen women making home cooked meal with vegetables on gas stove

    You can also provide the visitors or office personnel with home-cooked meals at your price to earn extra money and if you can manage cooking well.

    22. Become a Freelance Writer

    Money can also be made by becoming a freelance writer, where you write for other companies or people who do not have enough skills or time to do so themselves, and hence they outsource it. These freelancers can again specialize in various activities. 

    You can become a bid writer and do bidding on behalf of a client.

    If you are good at presentation, you can become a CV writer. A good researcher with strong language can also become an academic writer who will help students write their assignments or research papers.

    A lot of companies are now outsourcing the content writing of their websites to content writers and pay them to write. A long term contract of this kind will also generate steady income. After the initial work of designing a website and creating basic content, it is fairly easy to keep updating it.

    You can sign up with these sites to get content writing projects –

    23. Offer Services as a Legal Writer

    For a law graduate, writing law articles can fetch perfect money without a job. Smaller companies are outsourcing their regular law work to freelancers, thus creating an excellent opportunity for law writers.

    The opportunities as a writer are limitless, but you need to identify what works best for you. Some companies act as a platform for budding writers and publishing houses.

    If you can write and get an Ebook published, you can start earning royalties too. Just ensure that the publishing house does not short-change you. Penguin Random House is one such publishing house that can be used.

    24. Do Medical Transcription

    In medical transcription, areas where writers can work include editing the medical transcription, transcribing voice-recorded medical reports, etc. These areas need a little bit of experience and not suitable for people just starting to write.

    Transcribe anywhere is one such site where you can start with.

    For medical transcription, basic knowledge of the medical field is a prerequisite and cannot be done by everyone.

    25. Become a Voiceover Artist

    a kid doing voice over showting in a rode mic with closed eyes

    If you are good at voice modulation, you can also try to become a voice-over artist. There is a growing demand for these professionals with an increase in the movie-making business.

    Though it is difficult to enter in this field, once you have a foothold, it’s the quality of your work and determination that will take you further. Most companies prefer freelancers for this kind of job, and you can make good money.

    With increasing dubbing of movies in different languages, this field also has a growing demand and can fetch good money. Music studios, dubbing studios, and movie producers can be few of the places to start with. 

    With the increased popularity of audiobooks, a voice-over artist can also read out the books and make money without working for someone else. The demands for such professionals are on the rise.

    26. Bet Legally (Not Recommended)

    Betting is legal in some countries, but it is not really a good idea since it does not guarantee to make money, and you can lose money quickly. So I don’t recommend you to do it.

    Going out to Work

    If you want to go out and work, there are multiple ways to earn money. Some folks don’t want to work at home and at the same time don’t want to do the job. So for them, these are some of the options to go with.

    27. Become a Dog Sitter

    rover offers to get paid to play with dogs and earn up to $1000/month

    To be a dog sitter, you have to be a dog lover first and should be able to handle them. By learning the training techniques, you can increase your skills as a dog walker and generate a stream to make money without a job. is one such platform where dog owners and dog walkers can come together.

    For a short period, this can fetch money, depending on your area of interest. These kinds of jobs are also suited for people who are looking for some extra income with a regular job or for students, trying to earn some extra money.

    The most significant advantage of choosing these jobs is that you can pick and choose them anytime, as you need. These jobs are relatively easier to execute and thus can be done by most of the people.

    28. Do Babysitting

    To become a babysitter, register yourself on sites like Care.comand they will start connecting you to people who need sitters.

    Once the comfort level is achieved, or a child gets friendly with you, you can quickly get more jobs, and you can get paid above the usual rate. The trick here is to ensure that you keep the baby happy and parents satisfied. This can later be expanded by opening your own daycare center.

    Though this seems easy on the surface, taking care of babies is not everyone’s cup of tea, and you should try this only if you have the compassion and patience to deal with kids.

    Similar techniques for creating good relations can help in gardening and grocery shopping assistance. The downside of these under the table jobs is that the money-making scope is limited and is not a very good option for a longer period or as the sole way of earning.

    29. Join MLM Business

    Another way would be to join a sales team as a freelancer, and you get paid a commission on whatever product you sell. I personally really don’t like this work, but you can do it if you want.

    There are many companies like Amway and Tupperware, which offers you this opportunity. In these cases, building a team of your own, which can effectively sell the products, also adds up to give Royalty money.

    The money from this kind of sales activity allows successful people to live a good life, and no specific education is needed to join them. The methods used by them can be easily replicated, which helps in team building.

    Since the products offered by these companies are of very high quality, it gets easier for the sales team to convince the customers.

    30. Become a Helping Hand in the Neighborhood

    To start with absolutely no money to invest, money can also be made by doing smaller jobs like backyard sale, gardening, car washing, etc. in your neighborhood. Nowadays, people are also getting paid to walk a dog or to help the elderly for grocery shopping.

    So if you are a kid, then you can help your neighborhood to get paid.

    31. Test Drive a Car

    One way can be to test drive cars. This can be done by either registering with the car manufacturing companies, with the local car dealers, or by registering with a mystery buying site.

    Though most of the manufacturers have test drivers on payroll, they also use freelancers. The money-making opportunity in such a case is quite a lot. In the case of local car dealers, most of the test drivers work with the clients, and their major responsibility is to convince them to buy a particular car.

    Having a basic knowledge of car and sales tactics will help a lot in such cases. Mystery sites that have car test drive opportunities include Business Evaluation ServiceIntelli-shop, etc. The basic requirement is to have a valid driving license. Usually, you get paid anything between $10 – $50 per hour, depending on various factors.


    Thus it can be concluded that to earn money; a traditional job is not the only way. You can make money in more than one way. The most important thing to consider while trying out various ways is your skill sets and area of interest.

    There are ways to earn money where no particular skill sets are needed. Though these things are easy to get, the remunerations are not that great

    If you choose to make money using basic skill sets, it is a good idea to start with. Even though the money will not be too high, still it will take care of your basic necessities.

    With the increased use of the internet, the opportunities are now not bound to a particular area but to a particular skill set in such cases. Along with traditional businesses, a new age working environment has opened up new avenues to make money. 

    The maximum money can be made by highly skilled professionals who can provide solutions to complex problems or in the area of higher education. People with these kinds of skill sets are also able to generate passive income after some time and thus increase their earning potential.

    Wherever you choose to do, ensure you have studied the relevant working environment thoroughly, and understand both the merits and demerits of the chosen field. Understand the fact that in the modern age of information and technology, a traditional job is not the only way to earn money. Newer avenues can be explored.

    Few skills added to your existing skills, and I ensure you better prospects to make money without a job.

    Which one do you like – going outside or working from home?

    Deep B.
    Deep. B. is an online entrepreneur at heart, with a 5 figure monthly income. Phased many ups and downs in life. But now his life is on the road. Having a great experience in making money online. Created many side hustles for himself. And Surely he can help you with your online journey.


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