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    Have you ever wondered how to make money fast illegally?

    Well, you have landed at the right place. Here, I will show you several ways that you can use to make money fast and become super-rich quickly!

    how to make money fast illegally, horrible jobs

    Of course, I don’t endorse these methods that I am going to show you. Most of these methods can get you on the wrong side of the law.

    Some of the methods I am going to show you here carry very serious penalties. Some could land you in jail or, worse still, lead to your execution! The method that I recommend to make money is to earn legally. This is just for informational and entertainment purposes.

    So, by trying any of them, you will be doing so at your own risk! It is up to you to decide what is right and what isn’t.

    There are some people out there who have managed to use some of these methods to become successful quickly. There are also those who weren’t lucky and ended up in jail or even getting killed.

    17 Illegitimate Ways to Make Quick Money Illegally

    Isn’t it time for us now to get down to business? Well, here are some methods that I came up with to show how to make money fast illegally. And you all have to Avoid these ways if you don’t want to go to jail.

    1. Establish an Illegal Shylock Business

    If you have never thought about Shylock business as a quick money maker, then you got it all wrong. I’m going to show you how establishing an illegal Shylock business is a perfect way for you to make money quite fast.

    If you are still wondering how to make money fast illegally using this method, right? Well, keep reading below I will let you find out more about this lucrative method of money minting.

    In this business arrangement, you will act as the lender who lends people money. They could be people in need of emergency cash. You can then ask them to give you their valued items as collateral.

    These could be an expensive gold ring, TV, Hi-Fi music system, or any other valuable household items.

    Always ensure that the value of the item that you get as collateral has a higher amount of the money that you lend. This way, you will have a guarantee in case the borrower defaults on the loan. You can sell the items given to you as collateral at a huge profit.

    The other benefit is that you always have the liberty to set the interest for the amount borrowed from you.

    I have seen so many people use this method to make money from those who are desperate and need quick cash. You could also use this illegal money-making business and become rich quite fast!

    Remember that you ought to be very subtle. Being creative can go a long way in helping you to become successful.

    The methods I have shared with you above have helped so many people become rich illegally. You should be creative and smart for you to succeed in making money using these tricks.

    The Shylock business is not for the fainthearted people. You must be ready for the insults and curses that will be thrown at you! Always remain focused on what you have decided to do.

    2. Sell Pirated Music or Movies

    Piracy is the biggest threat to professional musicians and film actors. It’s reported to cost the industry billions of dollars. People involved in the piracy of music and movies have made lots of money.

    Well, if you are keen on becoming the next rich person, then the pirate industry could be your next avenue to go. All you need to have is a good PC, printer and all the other necessary materials such as CDs, DVDs or flash disks.

    You need these to help you store the audio or video content that you will be downloading from torrent sites.

    All you have to do is download the most famous music audios/videos or movie videos. You can have them stored on your DVDs, CDs, or flash disks. You can then print the covers and packages of CDs, DVDs, or flash disks. This helps to make them look as if they are the original from the production company.

    For you to sell them quite fast, you will have to sell them at low costs. Make sure you sell them at prices lower than the actual recording label for the artists. You should be able to make lots of cash from music or movie lovers who would like to buy such media at discounted rates.

    Always be careful with relevant authorities to avoid getting caught.

    3. Sell Counterfeit Products

    I am going to show precisely how counterfeit products can help you make lots of money quick. And you don’t need to have any sales experience to do this, read on to find out more:

    Selling counterfeit goods or services is a sure way for you to make money so fast illegally. These could be anything from medication, household goods, car parts, or cosmetic products. Look for products that are in high demand, and you won’t go wrong.

    Get suppliers who will be supplying the counterfeit products. You should also have an online presence where you can market the goods, and then you will be good to go. An excellent example of a counterfeit product to sell could be an LED television set. Counterfeiters know how to create products that look original.

    There are some cases where the fake products bear the same logos as those of the original. I have been a victim to counterfeiters who sold me a fake smartphone that looked too good to be original. 

    You can then sell the counterfeit products to unsuspecting people. You can do this by enticing them with price cuts to make even more and quick sales before they can get wind of reality. By the time other buyers start making complaints, you will have made lots of cash.

    Selling counterfeit products or goods shouldn’t be difficult for you. You could list them on Craigslist, eBay, or Amazon. Make sure that you are smart. Market the counterfeit products well with enticing discounts and promotions. This helps to draw more customers your way.

    Always ensure that you don’t harm those who buy your counterfeit products. You’d better desist from selling fake products such as food, medication, or drinks. These may pose a direct health threat to unsuspecting customers.

    4. Sell Cannabis

    cannabis plant with flower and a  blury background

    I’m going, being honest with you here, selling an illegal drug isn’t that easy. You can get on the wrong side of the law, but the effort can be rewarding. The cannabis plant is an illegal job in most American states. Possession of cannabis is a capital offense in most American states. You should always be very careful if you decide to handle the drug.

    Staying at the top of the drug business pyramid pays more money. Playing the drug lord and arranging groups down the pyramid is excellent. At the top, you control everything from supplies, distribution, and setting of a price. So down the pyramid, you will have a kingpin, smugglers, and the peddler.

    In some cases, you may need to liaise with law enforcement officials. You can share with them the proceeds for them to give you the protection that you need to keep the business going. You should be cautious at all times when dealing with them. The law enforcement people could also betray you.

    A good rule of doing this particular business to make quick money is to broaden your mind. Always have alternative business ideas that you can rely on as side hustles. Get some capital that you need to set up a legitimate business, and you can then quit it and engage in lawful business. Remember also that in this method, you need to be creative and subtle to make money fast illegally.

    5. Become an Internet Scammer

    an internet scammer sitting in hood and "?" on the face, in front of laptop with numbers background, doing hacking activities

    Several illegal money-making ideas exist on the internet, which I’m going to show below:

    – Become a Black Hat Hacker

    You got to have good computer knowledge and skills for you to succeed at making money on the internet as a hacker. There are several things you can do as a hacker to make illegal money from your victims. One example is to create malware. You can then send it out to as emails to unsuspecting people’s emails. You can then get such people’s identity and sell to the ready online black market that needs them.

    – Fake Internet Pyramid Scheme

    You may already know it from a basic explanation. A pyramid scheme as a method of making money may not continue for long. It works on a specific model where you promise people payment or services. They have to enroll other people into the pyramid scheme for them to get paid. 

    You can, for instance, start an online pyramid scheme that focuses on helping people to get loans. The loan comes from each of the pool members. You can entice wannabe members with a small account, creating a bonus.

    Once they get in, they will have to deposit a certain small amount to qualify for a loan. Pool members can borrow loans from other active members of the Ponzi scheme. You then set the interest for the loans that are borrowed. For you to get an idea of such a Ponzi scheme, kindly visit MMM Global.

    If you’re the one sitting at the apex of the pyramid, you get to enjoy the entire registration fee. You will also get a percentage of the interest accrued from borrowers in the scheme, and that’s a lot of money!

    – Listing Fake Properties Online 

    You could either list a house or a plot for sale on a popular classified listing site like craigslist. You can dupe people seeking to buy the property into paying you a certain fee. Once you get paid the amount, you can then pull off the listing and disappear.

    6. Blackmail the Rich to Make Money Illegally

    There’s another excellent method of making money fast illegally. This is to target unsuspecting rich people you have access to. You must be very cunning and clever to become successful in this method.

    You could, for instance, arrange with a street hooker and target a rich but randy rich man. Some rich people like to get the services of prostitutes. You can arrange with the prostitute and videotape him in the act. You must ensure that the guy has a wife and keen on protecting his image in society.

    Then you can send him a video clip of him and the hooker making out and demand cash in exchange for your silence.

    And you have to be very smart when attempting to blackmail a rich man. If you get clumsy, you can end up being the victim yourself or worse still dead! Some wealthy people are mafias that can turn the tables on you. They can get you arrested or send their henchmen after you.

    Even when you’re interested in making money fast, you must also be aware of the risks. Some of them are nutty criminals who will respond in kind at the slightest provocation. Being smart and sly should be your tricks of the trade. Blackmail is a very effective method of making money from rich and wealthy people.

    7. Kidnapper and Demand for Money

    This is an age-old method that has been used by many kidnappers to make quick money from victims. You could kidnap a rich man’s kid or wife. Then you can post a ransom to have the victim released. You must have the guts to do this illegal job because it is not an easy thing to do, especially if you aren’t well-armed.

    For you to be effective at this method, you must execute the abduction at an opportune time. The perfect time is when your target victim is vulnerable. For instance, you can target a wealthy person’s child coming back from school. You can waylay the child and then abduct the child.

    You should also have a secretive base to keep the hostage as you negotiate the ransom amount. Ensure that you keep the victim safe at all times and ensure they are well fed as you wait for the ransom money.

    As you go out to collect the ransom money, make sure that you are playing it safe at all times. There could be a possibility that authorities will be tracking your movements. You could as well send an agent to collect the ransom cash on your behalf. This is the best way of preparing for any possible eventuality.

    8. Become a Shoplifter

    Shoplifting is theft of goods from a retail store. It is usually done by a person masquerading as an ordinary shopper. Most retail supermarkets lose billions of dollars to thieves that shoplift them.

    In your desire to make quick money, you can as well become a shoplifter. Targeting small but highly-priced items from the supermarket shelf is perfect. Some of the high value but small items may include expensive jewelry or watches. These are so easy to grab from the shelf then placed on the most secretive places in your body.

    When shoplifting, always ensure that the shop’s CCTV cameras aren’t recording you. Failing to ensure this can lead to your instant nabbing. Pretend to buy at least some few items to hoodwink the shop’s attendants. This way, they will not suspect to be a potential shoplifter.

    9. Become a Cartel or Broker

    If you already have a business that is running and you are short of fast money making ideas. You can leverage this over your competitors. This works perfectly if your business is one that trades in products or services that are difficult to get. This makes it easy for you to become a cartel.

    You can arrange with your peers in business to set the prices of your products or services high. This works best, especially when your customers don’t have an alternative. They will have to buy from you even if your goods or services cost more. This way, you will get to make huge profits so fast.

    In this method, you can collude with government officials to give you public tenders. The tenders can be to supply goods or services which you can charge at exorbitant rates to make a huge profit. Cartels make quick cash using such dubious means, which you can also use to your advantage.

    10. Become a Fraud or Conman

    A fraudster is someone who deceives someone to defraud him/her to get or secure an unlawful gain. You can also become a fraud and defraud an unsuspecting person to make money fast illegally. Becoming a conman is not that easy, and you can get caught.

    Wondering how you can do this? Well, you must be witty and creative. There are so many different ways for you to make money by defrauding others.

    You could, for instance, target people who are keen on buying a property or selling a property. To get them, you can search through websites that list properties for sale. Focus on a given property that is being sold in a given area or location. Then you can proceed to design and create a fake title deed. You can entice people to buy the property to enter into business with you.

    Asking the buyer to pay an upfront fee can help you get money fast. Always do it quickly before the interested buyer can smell coffee and back off from the deal.

    As a conman in the streets, you can act like a destitute and pretend that you need help from passersby. Pretend that you got robbed of your cash and lack enough money for your fare home. You can beg people to help you out. Ensure that you change positions to avoid running into people who have offered you money.

    You will realize that by evening time if you start in the morning, you will have made lots of cash in your pockets!

    11. Engage in the Illegal Smuggling Business Job

    Can you find a way of smuggling goods into or out of the country? Can you do this without getting noticed by the relevant authorities? If you can, then you could make lots of money quite fast. If you manage to smuggle goods into the country, you won’t have to pay import duty.

    The goods could be ordinary household products. Some of the goods could be those prohibited by the local authorities. Once you have them inside the country, you can then sell them at high profits.

    You can as well smuggle goods out of the country and sell them in foreign countries at huge profits. This way, you will save yourself from the need to pay export duty. This could be an opportunity for you to make 100% profits.

    If you have the means, you could as well smuggle illegal immigrants who wish to come into the country. You can have them pay you huge amounts of cash for the service. You should also have a secretive holding base to keep your customers. They need a safe place as they wait for their family members to come and pick them.

    12. Engage in Illegal Gambling

    2 men playing poker, chips and playing card on the table, doing gambling illegally

    Various states in the US have got specific rules and laws that govern gambling. Nevada is the only single state that has legalized gambling. There are multiple forms of gambling in some states that are illegal. You stand to make quick cash by engaging in them.

    Online gambling, such as online casinos, may be illegal in your state. You could use this opportunity to make quick money by doing illegal gambling. Always remember to gamble with reason and only place a stake that you can afford.

    13. Run an Illegal Brothel

    If you have the ability, you can set up an illegal brothel and enlist prostitutes who will help you run it. Sex is a service that is hugely sought by some men who are always ready to pay to have it. Well, you can enlist prostitutes who you can make arrangements with how you will be paying them.

    To get started, you can set up a website. The website will help you to lure prostitutes and connect with them. You can then sign them up on the site and have them on stand-by for your customers who will come knocking.

    14. Place Bets on Fixed Matches

    Another lucrative method to make quick cash is to place bets on fixed matches to get huge returns. Once you have knowledge of the fixed matches. You can then place huge stakes on the matches and win big bets on them!

    Remember, you don’t have to get one-on-one with team coaches to know about fixed matches. You can always find information about fixed matches from the dark web. Placing bets on matches that have determined outcomes a great way to make lots of cash.

    15. Growing Illegal Plants for Commercial Gain

    You can become a farmer if you don’t wish to sell already manufactured drugs. You can sell marijuana plants to drug cartels that will be willing to buy them from your farm.

    The more money you can make from growing illegal plants depends on the number of plants grown. Another thing that counts is the demand for the plants. Several states in the US prohibit the growing of marijuana. You must be very careful so that you don’t get caught; otherwise, you may end up getting jailed for so many years!

    16. Become a Burglar

    Burglars usually target empty homes. They then steal valuable items that they sell for a profit. There are so many valuable items that you can steal from home. Things such as laptops, smartphones, home electrical appliances, etc.

    You have to be watchful because burglary is a serious crime. It carries a mandatory prison term that could ruin your life. If you decide that it is the route that you are going to take to help you make some quick money, then do it!

    17. Doing Racketeering

    Racketeering is another form of a criminal offense. Here, the perpetrator gets money through coercion or extortion. As a racketeer, you could target your victim to make money from him/her through threats or force. You can intimidate someone to give you a certain amount of cash.

    There are various forms of racketeering. These may include cyber extortion and cyber-bullying. All you have to do is identify any form of racketeering that will enable you to make money fast illegally. Racketeering is illegal in the US, and if you get caught, you may end up serving very lengthy prison terms.

    Here Are Some Legal Ways to Make Money Fast (I Strongly Recommend for You)

    1. Get Paid to Perform Online Surveys

    Various online sites pay people to perform online surveys. You can enroll with Swagbucks and Survey Junkie and perform surveys that won’t take much of your time but still earn you money quickly.

    2. Do Online Freelance Work

    Doing online freelancing work is one of the easiest and quickest ways that you can make money with. Sign up at one of the leading online freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork and start doing work.

    3. Do Online Transcription

    If you have a stable internet connection, a laptop, and a quality pair of headsets. You can do the transcription and get paid for such a service. There are so many online freelance transcription websites like TranscribeAnyWhere and Scribie. You can get yourself registered in any of them and work as a transcriber.

    And here are some more ways to make money fast legally.


    You have learned about the various ways that you can use to make money fast illegally. Well, some need you to be creative, sly, and subtle. While the methods above can let you make money fast illegally, they could as well lead to your total ruin if you get caught.

    I urge you always to strive to use legal ways to make money rather than illegal Jobs.

    The information above is only meant for entertainment purposes and not for use in real life. It is good to work hard to achieve what you desire to get in life. It is never a good idea to strive to get rich through illegal means. There are several legitimate and honest ways available for people to make money.

    Have you ever use any of the illegal methods listed above to make money? If yes, which method is that? Why you used it? I am eager to hear from you in the comments.

    Deep B.
    Deep. B. is an online entrepreneur at heart, with a 5 figure monthly income. Phased many ups and downs in life. But now his life is on the road. Having a great experience in making money online. Created many side hustles for himself. And Surely he can help you with your online journey.


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