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    Are you a kid who has big dreams? But your dreams seem impossible because you think you don’t have that much money.

    Now you want to know how to make money as a kid.

    There is a very famous quote by our very own creator of Mickey Mouse – Walt Disney “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

    There is nothing that should come between your dreams, not even your financial condition. So, I am here to help you out on this, down below I have mentioned tried and tested ways to make money as a kid. 

    ways to make money fast as a kid

    Do you know what is the foremost thing to earn money as a kid? Just get started if you have any idea in your mind pen it down and get to work on it.

    Your family, friends, and neighbours are going to be your first customers. And if someone is making fun out of because you want to make money as a kid, let them because the future belongs to those who take actions to fulfil their dreams otherwise dreams are just mere fantasies.

    Before starting with the ways from which you can earn money. I want to list down a few points that you must keep in mind before starting to earn.

    • HAVE A PLAN – Before getting started, you should always have a strategy in mind. You must start by writing down your ideas and then must organize them. You must include the name of an idea, what’s the reason you want to make money with it, and the list goes on. After this, you must take a call to action! 
    • RESEARCH YOUR IDEA – Now, if you don’t want to do a gig but want to be an entrepreneur and be your own boss, then it’s excellent! But before getting started with it, I will suggest you do research. When you research the idea, you will find out what all resources you would require for achieving the idea. You will get a basic idea about the cost you would need to invest in the business, and you can make sure that how actually you can make money out of it. 
    • DON’T JUST DREAM JUST…. START – The distance of a thousand miles begins with the first step! The most important thing is to start. Don’t hesitate to make that first talk, first phone call or first knock on the door. The biggest fear that stops you from starting is the biggest one that you have to overcome. Very soon you will realize that nothing is scary after all and everyone will appreciate you. 
    • DON’T GET DISCOURAGED – Now, you should not be afraid to fail. Sometimes, to start something big of your own first, you might have to take up small jobs. Now, don’t feel ashamed of it because great things require a lot of hard work before you can turn them into reality. 

    You must keep these strategies in mind before you start earning as a kid. Now, take out your pen and a notepad and start reading the ideas and strategies that I am going to tell you if you are a 13 or 14-year-old kid who wants to make money.

    23 Intelligent Ways to Make Money as a Kid Fast

    I know as a kid; you don’t want to make much effort to make money in your hands. Here are some easy ways which will help you to make money:

    1. Start Your YouTube Channel

    youtube channel of ryan's word having 23.3M subscriber and a lot of money fast as a kid

    Being famous on YouTube is so easy that even kids can get famous. There is an expected reported growth of $6.5 billion in the industry on YouTube by the end of 2019. If you have a craziness to start your own YouTube channel. 

    Do you know, Ryan Toys review is a great YouTube channel staring a 7-year-old kid who loves cars and trains, and likes to giggle over the Disney characters. He plays in front of the camera and has millions of followers. Most of his followers are his elementary school children.

    Ryan makes these super cute videos in which he is playing with the toys. Up to June 1, 2018, according to Forbes, he was the highest-paid YouTube star earning $22 million. 

    So, if you have a great idea in mind and can make videos, then you must start your YouTube channel.

    2. Be a Social Media Influencer

    Kids on social media attract a lot of attention and fascinate the audience. According to stats, there are over 3.2 billion daily active users worldwide of social media. Therefore, if you have got the talent of creating creative and unique content, then this is what you should go for. 

    Becoming a social media influencer can be a great career opportunity as it promises you a good way to make money and fame as a kid. And on earth who doesn’t want both of them?

    I have crafted step by step strategies based on the experience of various successful social media influencers that might help you:

    1. SEARCH FOR YOUR NICHE – You have to find something you are really interested in and be an exception there. You must be able to tell people something new that is raw and fresh. 
    2. PICK YOUR PLATFORM – Now, pick the maximum number of social media platforms you can. Are you good with creating videos or writing content or both? Based on these choices, you have to choose your media channel if you are good with videos then go for YouTube, if you are great with pictures and captions you must go for Instagram.
    3.  CREATE CONTENT STRATEGY – Why should people be eager to follow you? Your content should have value, prepare a plan for two or three months and prepare it and then start publishing it. 
    4. DO IT CONSTANTLY – Make your content consistent and unique because your content should attract the audience. Always think deeply about the message you want to pass along the audience and stick to it consistently but at the same time looking for something new and amazing.
    5. CONTACT AND BUILD YOUR COMMUNITY – Get in a conversation with the people of your industry like contact people and brands. Talk, comments, likes or exchange ideas this will make you noted. Do something new to invite new people. Try to connect to forums, fan pages, groups, etc. that are linked to your industry. 
    6. PROVIDE AND PROMOTE: Last but not least, now, let me be clear, I am not saying that you have to brag but try to create the valuable content as it will defend itself. Always remember to provide value, grow and attract attention to your work. 

    3. Be a Kidpreneurs

    Today’s kidpreneurs no longer venture around their homes, but they stand along the difficult road and manage staff, earn a lot of money and are tycoons in the making.

    If you are a kid who has an idea for a startup then you must not get discouraged because Warren Buffett used to sell chewing gums door to door when he was just 6, on the other hand, Richard Branson founded a magazine when he was just 16.

    Don’t waste your vacations and complain that there is nothing to do, instead start your own business. Starting your own business will allow you to develop very practical skills like money management, organization, problem-solving and communication skills.

    If you are a budding entrepreneur and have a little spark of interest in starting a business, then you must start working on it now.

    4. Build Your Website

    Do you love to write poetry or stories? Then you must start writing your blog. This can be the best suitable for you to make money as a kid if you are just getting started. You start making enough money, and you may never need a job! Now, I completely understand that It may not be easy for you to afford to start a website. Various platforms help you to build successful websites. 

    Your website will only be successful on one condition – if you don’t give up.

    5. Do Babysitting

    website highlighting the babysitting and nanny jobs that kid can also do

    Do you love to be around babies or spend time with them? Babysitting is just a very popular part-time job for many teenagers and kids. The main reason I emphasize on taking babysitting as a part-time job is that it is generally well-paid and is flexible with your schedule.

    You can also get in touch with agencies such as Student Nannies or simply check out the which lists tons of babysitting jobs.

    6. Check out the Survey Sites

    Got some time to kill! Don’t waste it use it to take surveys on Swagbucks. Now, I get it you may not like taking the surveys, and it will not make you good bucks but hey! They can help you make some extra bucks fast.

    Some survey websites giveaways reward instead of cash. However, you can redeem cash from the gift cards. There are various survey sites, but some of the legit are Survey Junkie and Swagbucks.

    7. Be a Party Entertainer

    Being an entertainer is like a side push for all ages. Now, if you have got the talent of singing, dancing, comedy or magic. Then what are you waiting for …. C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S? 

    Turn out your talent and earn some profit out of it various parties are going on the town. 

    Being a clown or mickey mouse may not be for everyone, but it is a fun way to generate income and do what you love. 

    Various event management agencies host the endless number of birthday parties or Christmas parties or school parties, contact them, and they will fit you accordingly to your talent. 

    To make it an easier task, you can search for event management companies near you and contact them and inquire whether there is a room for you or not.

    8. Be a Ballon Selling Kid

    small kid wearing white t shirt sitting on rock want to sell balloon and make money

    Now, we have seen various balloon vendors at malls and restaurants who give a balloon to everyone who would be visiting the mall or restaurant.

    They provide free service with the permission of the authorities; they give the balloons for free, but tips are always welcome.

    You can do that too… walk in their offer your service. Tell them that balloons are free, but if they want, they can tip too. 

    In this way, the restaurant will get free entertainment, and you as a balloon vendor will get free money with clients.

    It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

    9. Ba, a Coach Kid

    Maybe you are that kid who is an athlete and wants to make some money, then hey you budding sportsmen, it’s your time to be a coach. Coach other kids and create a productive side hustle for yourself. You can easily teach small kids to play football, baseball, basketball or give them running lessons. 

    In this way, you can easily make more money as a kid and polish yourself as an athlete. 

    However, you may have to deal with grumpy and nagging kids…. just a warning!

    10. Be a Kids Tutor

    Are you very good with your subjects or are just intelligent in some subjects or you have the ability to deal with crying and complaining kids? 

    Ha-ha! I joke……sort of…. I mean…. Yeah  

    Being a tuition teacher is fun!!! You can teach small kids, and it is fun. Teaching is not only a noble job but will pay you well. This can be a great way to earn and revise your basics. You can start with the kids in your neighbourhood and relatives.

    Various online sites offer online tuitions because the idea of teaching anything and learning anytime sounds great! If this idea clicks you too, then register yourself at any one of them. 

    11. Be a Pet Sitter

    website offers pet sitter job and get paid $1000/ month to play with dogs

    Usually, when families go out for vacations, they don’t carry their dogs with them, right? Why don’t you take care of the dogs and earn something out of it? 

    Usually, people don’t prefer asking their near ones to keep their pets because they may just give lame excuses or create a big deal out of it. Instead of this hassle, they will prefer paying someone to come and watch their dog. 

    Now, taking care of dogs to some people may mean feeding them twice or thrice and taking them for walks in the morning and evening and play with them some outdoor sports. So, there is literally no hard work for you because all you have to do is take care of the cute little pets, feed them and play with them.

    To start as a Petsitter, you can sign up on Rover.

    So, if you are a kid who loves pets, then this is your favourite gig.

    12. Set Up Your Beverage Stall

    Now, do you love to make juices or other drinks then go to the park or neighbourhood and set up your little stall! 

    People who will come around will definitely stop by your cute little stall and will love to drink the juice! 

    Now, remember kids! Do take the help of your parents in setting it up because you don’t want to get hurt. 

    You can also serve coffee or tea or soups during early mornings and late evenings or lemonades during the daytime. It will attract more customers to your stall. If you want, you can also serve small snacks along with hot and cold beverages.

    13. Set Up Food Stall

    Now, if you have that delicious passion for filling other people’s appetite, then hey! Born Appetite. 

    Put down your own small little food stall and serve people, you don’t have to cook crazy dishes. You can simply make sandwiches, burgers, pasta, cookies, and the list goes on.

    Hey, just a little advice on what you can do is put up your stalls in fair, public areas such as parks, your neighbourhood or the area where there are various offices or hostels or universities during their break or at the end of the day. As there will be more crowds and more people will come to your food stall! 

    Now, this can be a great idea as may you will open your own restaurant in the future! Who knows! 

    But just remember to keep someone elder near you while you are near heat as it may be dangerous.

    14. Set Up Your Art and Craft Stall

    young girl with closeup face doing art and craft. and showing her colored hand

    Are you Pablo Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci? Just kidding you are your own type, you are unique! Now the question that I really wanted to ask here was that are you an artist or craftsman? Does everyone at your school appreciate your art and craft and your masterpieces always win? 

    If yes then here you go budding artist, set up your small stall outside the art and culture museum or anywhere in the city and get paid for your creativity

    You can also sell your work online by creating a website or Instagram or Facebook page and get orders online. 

    This can be a great way to enhance your artistic skills and making money as a kid by the time you will be adults you will definitely have your own name, and your work will be getting huge money – it can be a great boost for your career.

    15. Be a Social Media Manager

    This job didn’t exist ten years ago, but yes, it does exist now! And as it is a new hurrah! You have got it as a career option.

    In the year 2019, if a business doesn’t have a social media presence, they don’t exist. If you are good with social media, then go for it, what is stopping you?

    Stop wasting your time on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Go on, handle their accounts or interact with their customers.

    Before diving in, you can learn the skills of social media management with this course. And kick start your career with a lot of knowledge.

    This job is kind of fun and can be a great thing to be put on the resume in the coming times.

    16. Upgrade Computers for Others

    Now, let’s be honest, don’t you love computers and want to see what is inside them? Doesn’t that make you curious? If yes then you are the future of computer engineers! 

    During my childhood, I used to do that, but as an adult, I realize that it can give you a lot of money fast as a kid. 

    You can buy parts of the computer online or from the wholesale and mark them up to your prices and upgrade the computer, or you can also tie-up with a repair store to tell you whenever they get a customer of your interest.

    17. Start Doing Yard Work

    a 9 year old kid standing in garden putting water in a bucket and doing yard work

    Do you love gardening as a kid? Mowing the lawn, rooting out the weeds, planting the saplings is your thing then you must offer gardening services in your neighbourhood and town. 

    Gardening just doesn’t stop at mowing lawns as a kid you have got an option to explore your skills. Go to the houses of people and tell what modifications they need like do they need to pluck out the weeds in the backyard or how awesome their lawn would look with a fresh row of new flower vases.

    18. Sort Out Garage Sale

    Adults generally don’t have time to organize stuff in their house that they badly want to get rid of; their lives are just too occupied that they don’t have time for this gig. 

    Now, if you have that strange itchiness for cleaning and organizing that Monica Geller from FRIENDS had then dear you should go out there and help these adults to organize their homes.

    Initially, you can pair up with an adult partner which would clearly mean that the cost would split 50/50.

    19. Wash the Car

    If you love to roll up your sleeves and use a little elbow grease to clean the car, then go to all the houses in your neighbourhood and tell them about your new and clean hobby to clean the cars. 

    This weekend job can guarantee you big bucks because everyone owns a car and who will not love to get their car wash to look good. 

    To promote your service, you can go door to door and tell everyone about your brand-new service and offer them a free service in the beginning to attract loyal customers. 

    You can also offer a free car wash service upon three regular car wash services.

    20. Collect Cans

    In some countries, kids collect cans to make money as each of them cost 5 cents and can be found everywhere.

    If you have the creative head, then you can create something out of the cans like pencil stand or could grow small flowers in them and sell them to the people or put them in the park.

    In this way, you will be doing something to save the environment for which you should give a pat on the back to yourself and the other thing that you will be earning good money for recycling aluminum cans.

    21. Visit a Farmer’s Market

    Do you have access to a garden or do your parents have a terrace garden? If yes, then you can use it to grow fruits and vegetables and sell them in the farmers market.

    No need to grow complicated vegetables, you can grow easy vegetables such as beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, lemons, and potatoes. These vegetables are also easy to sell; therefore, you may not get a problem with selling them. 

    Because of this gig, you are going to save your mother’s money on vegetables and will also earn some bucks.

    22. Sell Holiday Cards

    Now, this can be very interesting. As Christmas and New Year are approaching you can create beautiful holiday cards and sell them.

    Let me tell you that people would really pay you very good money for holiday cards because most of the printed cards that come in the market are the same, and everyone has got the same design, you have got an edge here.

    You can sell your unique handmade cards in the market and get a good amount of money for them. You can set up a stall or sell your cards door to door; the decision is entirely yours.

    Who knows, this holiday season you may get a big demand for your holiday cards. If you have a social media account, you can also promote your cards there.

    23. Get Paid for Odd Jobs/ Micro jobs

    Naturally, you are the one who would be helping your parents to perform odd jobs for the house. Now, what if I tell you that you would be getting paid to do so.

    Now, you can perform odd jobs for people both by connecting them online or offline. But I suggest you online. There are various online websites like Task Rabbit and Amazon Mechanical Turk that will help you to connect with the customers online.

    Offline you can contact your neighbours and put up posters for promoting your new gig.


    These were some amazing ways in which you can earn money as a kid. 

    Now you may ask a question, how fast you can make money as a kid? 

    Well, kids, there is no shortcut to making money fast. If you meet people who say that they will help you to make money fast then, please… RUN AWAY! 

    Making money fast will make you a more responsible adult, and you will value money.

    If you are not able to find your line, don’t worry, just step up and choose a side gig in the process, you will find your passion. 

    Now, let me know which from the above idea worked for you? And if you have any other ideas to share with me, I would love to hear from you. 

    Deep B.
    Deep. B. is an online entrepreneur at heart, with a 5 figure monthly income. Phased many ups and downs in life. But now his life is on the road. Having a great experience in making money online. Created many side hustles for himself. And Surely he can help you with your online journey.


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