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    It’s hard to make money as a 13-year-old teen. But not Impossible.

    You are always waiting for your parents or guardians to give you some money, am I right? You want so many things, but without income, you are forced to depend on others for every little thing you want to buy.

    how to make money as a 13 year old

    Well, my friend, if this is your story and you want to change it, you have come to the right place. I will tell you how to make money as a 13-year-old or somewhere within that age range.

    There are many ways for a 13-year-old to make money, and if you stick to this article and devote your energy in trying out some of the advice I am about to give you, it is guaranteed that you will start making money fast.

    Like with everything else in life, you will need to be determined, disciplined, and motivated. There are many ways that you can earn money, even if you are only 13.

    Besides finding a cool way for you to get some extra cash, start earning this young of age will set you up with very important skills that will come handy when you grow up and start working on a full-time basis.

    Let us start.

    How to Make Money as a 13-Year-Old Fast

    The list on how to make money fast as a 13-years-old is a bit long, and I am sure that somewhere in here, you will find more than one way that suits your interests. If you do not like some of the suggestions, simply move along and try to find something that will be enjoyable and suitable for you.

    Online Ways for a 13-Year-Old to Make Money

    All you need to do in order to earn money is to take your laptop with you. You do not need a specific time and place, and you can easily fit your work into your school schedule. This opportunity is appealing to not only teenagers, but adults too, and more and more people are choosing to liberate themselves from fixed positions. Choose what you like and simply start, even today.

    1. Transcription

    If your English skills are good, and you are good at converting audio into text, transcription may be a good opportunity for you to start earning. You can convert short audio and podcasts into text and, without much effort, create a steady income.

    I am suggesting some websites that are offering transcription jobs, so if this is something that sounds appealing to you, check them out.

    • TranscribeMe
    transcribeme offers to become a paid transcriptionist and transcribe audio and video into high quality text and get paid for it

    Transcribeme is a website offering audio transcription jobs.

    You can earn 20 dollars per audio hour, which is decent pay for this type of work.

    First, you need to go through the registration process, and the next step is to complete the training and exam course. If you pass the exam, you will be able to start working. It sometimes happens that you are put on a short waitlist while the registration has been processed.

    Keep in mind that if you fail to pass the exam, you need to wait six months if you want to try again.

    The clips are usually 2 to 4 minutes long, so this type of work can be suitable for people with a busy schedule.

    • Rev

    Rev is one of the most popular transcription websites. You can transcribe audios and videos, and the pay is between 4 dollars and 12 dollars per hour. You are paid via PayPal.

    As with Transcibeme, you also need to take a transcription test, but if you fail, you can try again in just 45 days.

    If you know any foreign language, you can get paid to translate subtitles, and the pay is 1.5 dollars to 3 dollars per video minute.

    • Scribie

    Scribie is an excellent place to start if you do not have much experience in this area. The approval process is not as demanding as it was in the previous two websites that I mentioned above.

    You will need to submit an application and take the online test, and the pay is from 5 dollars to 25 dollars per hour.

    The files are short, up to 10 minutes, so it does not take much of your time to finish the job.

    You can also earn a monthly bonus of 5 dollars for every 3 hours completed.

    2. Sell Photos

    I am sure that many of you love taking photos either with smartphones or a camera. You do not need to be a professional photographer to be able to earn money through your photo skills. There are great places on the internet where you can show your talent in capturing the beauty of the world.

    • Shutterstock
    shutterstock offers to share your work and start earning, just join the community of contributes and earn money doing what you love

    Shutterstock is among the biggest online platforms where you can upload your photos and get paid every time they are purchased. The procedure is very simple, after registration you can choose pictures that you want to upload. Keep in mind that the photos need to satisfy certain criteria; you can learn more about this on their website.

    • iStockphoto

    iStockphoto is very similar to Shutterstock. You can submit photos, even audio, video, and illustration. Do your best to show your greatest work and try to create an active profile by regularly adding new material. What you have to keep in mind if you are taking photos of people is that you need a model release form by every person shown in your work.

    3. Online Surveys

    Taking surveys is an easy job that doesn’t take much effort. All you need to do is join a website you choose and start earning. I do have to warn you that there are many scam websites, so be careful.

    I made a suggestion for you of the websites I find legitimate, but you can try and search for more, there are plenty out there.

    • Swagbucks
    swagbucks offers to put cashback in your wallet and get free gift cards & cash for everyday things you do online

    Swagbucks has more than 40 million users. The registration to this website is free. You can choose to shop online, watch entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys, find great deals and play games in order to earn money and ponits.

    After you earn points, you have an option to redeem them for free gift cards like Amazon or Walmart, or you can get cash back from PayPal.

    • Survey Junkie

    Survey Junkie is currently the highest paying survey website. They are paying 2 to 3 dollars per survey, which is a high rate for this kind of work.

    You need to join and build your profile. After you have done that, they are matching you to surveys. You are earning virtual points that you can redeem for PayPal or e-Gift Cards.

    4. Freelance Writing

    If you are at all interested in writing, you can cash out your talent.

    Being just 13 does not mean you do not have something to say. Believe me, you do, and there is an audience out there for every subject known to man. You can choose from many forms of writing, and some of them do not include particularly profound writing skills.

    What you need to know is not to let your inner critic ruin your chance to leave the peace of you in this world. Writers are very prone to self-judgment, and there are many great talents that we never heard of because they never let their work see the day of light. Even the greatest writers have self-doubts.

    I want to encourage all of you out there interested in writing to write regularly and not to be afraid to share your inner world with others.

    Here are some platforms that you can join to write and earn money as 13 years old:

    • Blogging Pro

    Blogging Pro is a freelance writing platform, and you can join for free. You can choose categories such as writing, online content, editing, blogging, publishing and telecommuting, and flexible jobs.

    To be able to join this platform, you have to send an application and wait 24 to 48 hours for the response if it is approved or not.

    • Problogger
    problogger offers to find freelance writing jobs in every niche

    Problogger offers a variety of writing jobs, and it is free to join as well. If you have any previous writing experience, you should collect it and make a portfolio of your work. This will increase the chance of finding a job more quickly.

    Problogger also has various podcasts and courses that you can use to improve your writing skills.

    5. Start Youtube Channel

    Being 13 years old, I am sure that YouTube is on your screen on an everyday basis. You probably have your favorite YouTubers; maybe they are the same age as you. If you were ever dreaming about becoming YouTuber yourself but did not have the courage and confidence to do so, why not try it, in spite of your fears and insecurities?

    YouTube is a place for everything that people need and available to everyone. As a 13 years old who wants to make some money, creating your channel where you talk about your interests and passions can be a great start to your future successful business.

    I was watching people on YouTube opening Kinder Surprise eggs, and their videos have more than a million views. Who would have thought that something like that can attract viewers, right? As I said, every topic has its viewer, so try to find as much as you can on how to create a YouTube channel and good videos and do not be afraid of judgment.

    There will always be those who judge, but they are not your problem, am I right?

    6. Website Testing

    Many companies today are paying people to test websites, to make sure that they are user-friendly and that it corresponds to its features in the best way possible.

    • UserTesting

    Usertesting is one of the major platforms for testing jobs. They are paying nonprofessionals to test websites and give their opinions.

    There is no joining fee, all you need to do is sign up and take a simple test after which, if you pass it, you wait for the approval. If you do get approved, the only thing left to do is wait for notification of a possible test. You can earn 10 dollars per test, and each test is about 20 minutes long.

    • Userlytics
    userlytics offers to get paid to test websites & apps, just interact with a web or mobile app and get paid via paypal

    Userlytics also offer website testing, but they are providing you with the recording software.

    Their tests are usually between 20 and 40 minutes, and the pay is from 5 dollars to 20 dollars. Some of the projects can get paid even 100 dollars!

    How much you are paid depends on how complex the test is.

    What you need to do in order to start working is register by completing the short and easy form. The second step is to interact with either a computer or mobile or any other digital asset. You are giving your opinion about websites and also answering questions.

    Once your test results are approved, you are getting paid via PayPal.

    To join this website, you need to be at least 16 years old.

    • Enroll App

    Enroll app is also paying individuals for website testing. Via this platform, you are given tests in forms of website checking and answering questions.

    Earning is not that high; you can get 0.1 dollars to 1.5 dollars per test.

    It is free to join, and as with Usertesting, you are required to take a sample test.

    7. Sell Online

    There are lots of ways you can earn money by selling online. This may be a great way to get rid of your unwanted stuff and clear your space or to sell something you make. Let me give you some examples.

    • Etsy
    etsy offers to open your online shop, millions of shoppers can't wait to see what you have in store

    Etsy shop is a place for those who are crafty, creative, artistic. You can sell your work here, but make sure that you calculate your price the right way. Maybe you can use the help of an adult to calculate the production cost and the right margin.

    Etsy has many categories; jewelry and accessories, clothing and shoes, home and living, wedding and party, toys and entertainment, art and collectibles, so pick your category and start selling your creations.

    • Sell Unwanted Stuff

    If you have unwanted stuff filling your shelves, it is time to get rid of them and get some money. There is an Amazon, eBay, and Decluttr 3 well-known website where you can easily sell everything.

    There is a rule when selling used stuff, and it is to charge around 10 percent of the retail price. Keep this in mind, but you are free to set your own price and see how it goes.

    8. Web Development

    This type of work requires some great skills, but I am sure that some of you qualify for this section.

    Web development is highly demanding and very well paid, so if you do possess what it takes to work in this area, feel free to browse through these websites offered below. If you want to work in this field but need to learn more, I suggest you take a course and gain skills because this line of work will be popular for a very long time.

    • Stack Overflow Jobs

    Stack Overflow is a coding website. This is the largest online community for coders. There are more than 53 million monthly visitors to Stack Overflow.

    On their Job page, you can find high-quality jobs from trusted companies. You can work from anywhere, and the pay is very good.

    • Hubstaff Talent

    Hubstaff Talent is a website where you can find remote web development jobs. You can join for free, and there is an option to choose from full time, hourly contracts and fixed priced jobs.

    You need to start a profile as a freelancer and add your skills. Later, the companies find your profile, and if you are a desirable candidate, they are contacting you directly.

    Physical Ways for a 13-Year-Old to Make Money

    I want to feature more traditional ways of earning money as a teenager since these jobs are very easy to find and do not take much of the time and effort.

    9. House Cleaning

    There are people out there who are loving cleaning the house; I am one of them, so I know what I’m talking about. If you are part of this crowd, why not earn money this way?

    This is a very worry-free job and is usually well paid. You can post an ad offering your services. Be sure to mention what you are and what you are not willing to do, your availability, and price.

    10. Car Washing

    As you grow up, you will notice how these easy tasks turn out to be the ones you can never find the time for. This is why many people are willing to hire outside help. 

    Car washing is not that difficult, and it does not require much of your time. You can offer your services as a semi-professional, which means investing in cleaning equipment. If you are not willing to do so, you can find a gig where people have all you need for car washing, so all you need to do is show up.

    11. Dog Walking

    in a garden a 13 year old teen girl with open hair walking a black & white dog

    No matter how much we all love our furry friends, life is sometimes so busy that we need to hire help to take our dog for a walk. This is an excellent opportunity for a teenager who needs money and loves dogs. Besides spending time with dogs, you also get to be outside and see places, maybe you meet new friends, who knows. Rover is the best place to get dog sitter jobs.

    12. Have a Yard Sale

    in a yard sale, on a fence free is written with a right side arrow and on road a box half filled with sale items

    Put out all the unwanted items, play some music, and have fun. You get to meet people and practice your selling skills.

    Be sure to advertise your yard sale, by posting signs around the neighborhood and on social media if you like. Invite people you know, so the selling point seems busy and trendy.

    13. Babysitting

    You have an option to find work the old fashioned way, through your friends, family, and neighborhood or you can visit some of the babysitting websites that hire teens for babysitting jobs.

    There are two websites that I found to be really good, and they are and Sitter City. On both of these websites, you can offer your services and not only to babysit children but pets as well.

    There is an option to choose from: babysitting, nannying, child care, special needs care, companion care, and pet sitting.

    14. Help Around the House

    from upward view of a 13 year old kid washing dishes in sink with scrub in one hand and folk in other

    I am sure that your parents would be thrilled with this idea. Not many teens are keen on helping out with boring housework, but with little motivation, such as money, these chores can be easily and happily done. You can ask your parents to pay you an allowance for washing windows, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the bathroom or the kitchen, yard work, etc.

    15. Farmer’s Market Stand

    There are many farmer’s markets that allow kids to set up a stand for free. If you like cooking or your family is growing fruits and vegetables, this is a great opportunity not only to earn money but to learn how to sell, that can come very handy once you are grown up.

    16. House Sitting

    Great opportunity to have some alone time and be paid to do so. If you have some friends and family who are traveling, you can offer to keep their place safe. Maybe they need to water their plants or take care of their pets. Please keep in mind that people are trusting you with their home and remain the responsible, trustworthy person that you are.

    17. Work at the Restaurant

    Depending on law regulations, there are certain places that hire 13 years old. If you like a steady job with a paycheck and regular shifts, this may be the right solution for you. 

    You also have an opportunity to work on your people skills, learn how to sell and serve, and, most importantly, what it means to be a part of the organization.

    18. Work at the Local Shop

    Similar to the restaurant job, retail work can bring you a steady income. You can choose to work shifts that fit your school schedule, maybe weekends or summer breaks.

    Usually, the retail stores provide training for their employees so you will learn how to work with a cash register, how to stock shelves, and talk to customers.

    The extra benefit of this job is that you will probably get a discount, so make sure you pick a store you like and use this benefit to the fullest potential.

    19. Work at the Movie Theater

    Personally, I adore movies. I go to the cinema every chance I get. If you are like me, you will enjoy working in a movie theater, surrounded by the smell of popcorn. Plus, you get to see all the cool movies, how great is that?

    20. Lawn Maintenance

    in morning a 13 year old kid maintaining the lawn, giving water to plants and making money by doing it

    The grass is constantly growing, and not everyone is thrilled to maintain it. This can be an excellent opportunity for you. Offer your help around your neighborhood. You can mow the lawn, watering the plants, trim the fences, rake the leaves or shovel the snow. If you are skilled, you can also offer to weed the gardens.


    As you can see, there are many ways that you can make money as a 13-year-old. It is up to you to choose what you like best, but keep in mind that it takes time to build your reputation, and as with everything else, you need to be disciplined, reliable, and devoted.

    As your primary goal is to make money and buy the stuff you want, by yourself, do not forget that by finding work, this young will set you up for a grown-up world in amazing ways.

    First, you will learn the value of money, how hard it is to earn it, and how easy it is to spend it. Trust me; this is the most important lesson.

    Second, you will gain excellent skills in the field you choose to work in and maybe start the path of your future career.

    I wish you luck! And also share your best way with other teens.

    Deep B.
    Deep. B. is an online entrepreneur at heart, with a 5 figure monthly income. Phased many ups and downs in life. But now his life is on the road. Having a great experience in making money online. Created many side hustles for himself. And Surely he can help you with your online journey.


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