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    Hey, Do you want to make 2,000 dollars fast?

    How many times has it happened to you that you open your wallet and find only a couple of dollar bills with a huge chunk of bills?

    Well, I am your biggest empathizer if you have ever found yourself in a similar situation. And I believe that we are not the only ones begging for ideas on how to make 2,000 dollars fast during every end of the month.

    how to make $2000 fast, proven ways

    Now you would be wondering that apart from the illegal jobs and magic potions, there is no way to get this amount in just one week. But trust me, I am not talking about anything shady or fairy godmothers.

    There are legit, legal ways through which you can earn not just $2,000, but way more than that.

    There are times when you are just stuck in a messy situation when you need the money, and that too, without any delay. And surprisingly, these times come every month, don’t they? Such situations have given me a couple of sleepless nights. But thank god, some ways helped me earn them when I needed 2,000 dollars fast. Surprised?

    Want to know more? Now, I am going to discuss with you some of the most amazing and easiest ways of earning money and that too in two different ways. So, let’s get started!

    25 Proven Ways to Make 2000 Dollars Fast

    Some of you want to work from home, and some want to go outside to do the job. So for your convenience, I will tell you both online and offline options to achieve your goal.

    Online Ways to Get $2,000 Fast

    With technologies surging up and wide, this world has become a global village where you can hire people or people who can hire you for various services. These jobs are like writing, various freelancing services, stock trading, website designing and development, and some other which I mentioned below.

    All you need is a laptop or computer system, the desired skill set, an Internet connection, and voila! You are all set to make your first earning through online mode.

    Now let’s discuss what all jobs are out there in the online world that can help you when you need 2,000 dollars quick.

    1. Start Trading in Stocks

    During a conversation, I observed that many people are really good at finance, but don’t know exactly where to apply that knowledge.

    If you are from those people, then you can start trading in stocks. There are lots of platforms out there to start trading, the one I recommend is Acorns where you can start at just $1 per month.

    This would benefit you in two different ways: you can make wise decisions regarding your investments to get high returns, and you can charge for your stock consultation services when you become an expert.

    2. Start Your Blogging Journey

    Are you good with stocks, money, or have culinary talent in any niche? Then, let people take benefit from your skills, and in return, they are going to pay for your ideas and thoughts.

    Simply start writing or create your content, upload it on your blog. You can start your blogging journey with Bluehost.

    You can market it well with the help of friends, and with little efforts, your blog/website will start bearing sweet fruits of easy and fast money.

    3. Become a Professional Freelancer

    Thanks to technology, we are living in time, where even networking isn’t required to get desired jobs. With portals like Upwork and Fiverr, all you need to do is register yourself on the portal, add your desired skill sets and wait till you are shortlisted for the related projects.

    In several portals, you have the option to bid or apply on the gig updated from the seller. All you need to invest a couple of hours to create and upload your profile and go to do.

    4. Make Apps and Websites for Others

    With everything going online, there is a huge demand for people who can develop different apps and websites.

    If you are a techie person or belong to the IT field, just like me, you can easily understand this requirement. Can you build a game from scratch? Or simply do coding? Then, all you need to do is to register yourself with different online job portals like Upwork or Freelancer, create your profile, and there you go!

    If this is your first assignment, it is better to approach local stores directly, talk to them about the importance of websites, and propose them to create a business website. This will give you a portfolio to showcase when you are pitching for online projects.

    5. Take Online Surveys for Money

    women sitting on bed filling online paid survey on laptop and same time blowing in coffee because coffee is hot

    Don’t call me crazy if I tell you that you can make fast, legal money in a jiffy just by participating in the different online surveys. Its the coolest way to make quick money.

    There are several companies like Prize Rebel and Inbox Dollars that pay the surveyors for their opinions. Apart from writing, I prefer taking online surveys as time and effort consumed are quite less.

    But before going for this one, ensure that you are choosing the legit survey company like the above two.

    6. Create or Improve Resumes for Others

    It doesn’t matter where you are; resumes are something that everyone needs. But how many of us know how to create an impressive resume? And the most amazing part of this job is that you don’t need any special skills.

    All you need is some research about the market trend. Basically, you would be guiding people about how to make their resumes presentable. You can also do freelancing in this field. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

    7. Teach Kids Through Online Tutorials

    vip kid offers sign up for teach english online and earn up to $22/hr

    Last summer, when I decided to give online English grammar tutorials. It was so much fun as I was earning money while learning new things daily.

    You can opt for the same strategy; while instructing, there are chances you get 10 to 12 students in one class. Or you can go online, all you need to do is sign up with Course Hero or VIPKID, complete your profile, including the time slots and search and apply for the numerous teaching jobs available there.

    If your application is successful and is liked by the selector, you will get notified soon.

    8. Become a Freelance Writer

    This is what I did when I was completely broke!

    I write, and yes, it pays off really good. And it isn’t limited to the times when I am broke. You can always get the projects through online portals such as Upwork and Textbroker.

    While writing, ensure that you have a stronghold on grammar, sentence formation, and deadlines as you might get most of the work through referrals.

    Physical Ways to Get $2,000 Quickly

    Though online modes have made it easy to make fast 2,000 dollars a day, the charm and ease of physical methods can’t be negated. There are many jobs out there that don’t need any qualification; they just require either your soft skills or the way you interact with people.

    Still, wondering what all these jobs are? Don’t worry; I am now going to move to physical or offline methods. So, let’s get started.

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    9. Start a Food Truck Business

    a food tuck business owner parked truck near street and making food ready for customers

    Who doesn’t love food? Now, if you are an explorer, you may have seen street food vendors or food trucks at the major locations and the business parks of any city. These food trucks and street food vendors are doing good and easily earn a handsome amount.

    So, if you are a food lover, have a good knack for cooking some afternoon comfort food and delicious snacks, then invest in a food truck and start your own hip joint where you can make people crazy for your food.

    10. Rent out Your Spare Room with Airbnb

    Do you have a spacious house with a couple of rooms that are seldom used, why not rent them out on Airbnb. Where guests can book your place while they are in your town.

    During my recent vacation in Thailand, I stayed at a similar kind of homestay that I booked through Airbnb. All you need to do is add some abstract art pieces, add a few plants, and your place is ready to serve guests. Now list your spare room on Airbnb simply.

    11. Start Working as Uber Driver

    Are you good at driving and own a legit driving license? Then, why don’t you register yourself with Uber and become a registered Uber driver?

    Usually, people have misconceptions regarding the paycheck of Uber drivers, but trust me, they are getting paid really good. You can either register your vehicle with Uber or can simply register as a driver.

    But ensure that you have all the necessary documents with you for the certification.

    12. Start Your Cleaning Business

    Opening a cleaning business is quite a lucrative opportunity to make 2,000 dollars fast.

    There are the people who usually work beyond the 9 hours shift and are looking for a cleaning agency that not only provides amazing services but is also reliable.

    For this venture, all you need to do is learn the basics of the business, grab the essential cleaning supplies, get your business marketed and advertised, and you are good to go.

    13. Work for a Food Delivery Services

    doordash offers sign up for food delivery service with doordash where people can drive, deliver and earn money

    With more and more people opting for online food ordering, food delivery companies are looking for more and more people who can deliver meals at their respective addresses.

    So, if you have free time in your hand, have your vehicle, then simply start working with Doordash food delivery service. You can get $25+ an hour and easily make 50 dollars/day.

    They don’t require any major academic qualifications or even any kind of specialized skill set. All you need to do is go to the restaurant, collect every food consignment, and deliver it on their particular addresses. This is one of the best ways to make 2,000 dollars fast.

    14. Work for a Physical Store

    Every neighborhood has a physical store nearby that caters the day to day needs of the community. Now, these stores are pretty large as they serve as all-you-need kind of store. So it’s obvious that they would require a store manager, cashier, and a few other helpers.

    So, if you are good at managing things and know a thing or two about sales and marketing, then try for the profile of store manager.

    Otherwise, you can go for a cashier profile too where you have to bill products and manage cash flow. The best part of this job is you don’t have to travel much, and there isn’t any kind of pressure as well.

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    15. Reduce Avoidable Expenses

    Do you need 2,000 dollars quickly or maybe in a day, but don’t want to do anything extra?

    No, I am not kidding; there is a very simple and straightforward idea that can help you save a good amount. All you have to do is stop making unnecessary expenses.

    Simply remember the old saying: a dime saved is a dime earned.

    Avoid eating out as it slowly burns your pocket. While traveling, opt for public transport rather than taking your vehicle. Avoid splurging on accessories that you don’t need. Rather going to high-end stores, try flea market as you may get some really good deals there.

    16. Get into the Baking Business

    hands with oven gloves putting 24 pan cake tray for the bakery online business

    I am a big fan of cookies and cakes, and I love to try new tastes and flavors. And it’s just not me; milk and cookies are something that can bring a smile on every single face.

    So, if you are blessed with the talent of baking, then why not utilize it for profits? You might need bigger equipment than your regular size kitchen ones. Or you can start by making small batches and invest in equipment later when the demand sores. You can also tie-up with the local supermarket for marketing or selling or can give people a taste of your heavenly taste during the local flea market or fair.

    17. Rent out Your Car Now

    man with blury background standing and giving keys of car to rent out and want to make 2000 dollars fast

    Do you have a vehicle with you that is in good condition?

    If the answer is yes, then why not rent it out to people who want it through Getaround. They let people hire vehicles of locals when they are at your location. Usually, you have to register your car, documents with the appropriate conditions.

    The fuel costs are included in the charges, and there is some sort of security deposits as well, ensuring that your car is covered in every manner. In this way, you can earn from your vehicle as well.

    18. Sell Stuff Which You No Longer Use

    It doesn’t matter if you are a shopaholic or not, you would easily find clothes, accessories, kitchen appliances and equipment, and other household items that you no longer need.

    These are the items that are simply occupying the space and are of no use. Why not sell them on eBay and Poshmark and make some money out of it? You never know, sometimes even a $10 item might fetch you $100! It is all about the way you sell. So, make these marketplaces your next selling destination.

    19. Work with Local House Rental Firm

    During my early days in high school, I used to work at a local house rental firm. All I used to do was gather information about houses that are on rental.

    You can contact the local rental firm and join them too. You might have to accompany the prospective clients to the house and show them the property. Most of such firms have a fixed commission on every deal you close. So, it is up to you how well you convince leads to take up that space to earn a commission.

    20. Search for a Part-time Job

    When my previous neighbor bought his new car, I started wondering how he managed to get it in just a couple of years in employment. Well, my curiosity got the better of me, and I asked him to discover that the guy used to do various part-time jobs.

    His usual job was in 8-4 shift, so he used to do a part-time job after 5, and that’s how he got himself that swanky car. So, if you have spare time in hand, even if it’s just a couple of hours, you can get yourself a part-time job and make 2,000 dollars fast.

    21. Become a Party Planner

    Are you a party animal? Then, there are good chances you may know a trick or two to throw an awesome party.

    Think about it, almost everyone loves to attend parties, and almost none loves to plan and prepare the things. Here is where you come in the frame.

    All you need to do is to get the number of guests, venue, menu, and start planning the event. And once your business kick starts, you can start planning anniversary parties, birthday parties, office parties, and other major life events as well.

    22. Rent out Your Designer Clothes and Accessories

    Are you a shopaholic who shops to the fullest of heart to regret later? Don’t worry if your wardrobe is full of designer accessories and dresses that you don’t wear. Apps like Rent My Wardrobe and Rent The Runway through which you can rent out these designer pieces and can earn a handsome amount out of them.

    And the best part is yet to come; you are not selling them to anyone, so you can wear your dresses anytime you want, and you can decide which ones you want to rent out.

    And don’t worry, there is a security deposit as well, ensuring that your dresses and accessories are in safe hands.

    23. Get into Day Labor Jobs

    3 mans doing a day labour job, doing hard construction work to make 2000 dollars fast

    Construction is one of those sectors that have very fewer chances of facing a recession. So, if you are physically fit and know a thing or two about construction, carpentry, or plumbing, you can opt for day labor jobs.

    You can get these jobs through local contractors or local listings where people who require such labor post their requirements.

    24. Become a Bartender in the House Parties

    The trend of throwing lavish parties at one’s own house is increasing. People are now opting to throw house parties where they can have fun within the comfort of their own home.

    Such parties require servers and bartenders as well, and this is where you fit in. You can get associated with some catering service to get in touch with people who regularly throw such parties.

    And the cherry on the cake is here: apart from your earnings, you can also earn a good tip!

    25. Take Help from Your Friends or Family

    I kept this one for the last as this is the last resort when nothing works. When you are asking yourself how to make 2,000 dollars fast, parents and family is the first thought that pops into your head.

    If the need is so urgent, it is always better to go to your parents or close friends and ask for a loan. After all, desperate times call for desperate measures.


    We have discussed numerous online and physical world hacks on how to make 2,000 dollars fast and that too from legit, legal ways.

    One thing that you may have noticed is that these jobs don’t demand any specialization or skill set. All you need to do is try a couple of jobs and find the one that suits you the best and start doing it.

    You can always ask your friends, family, and acquaintances to spread the word about you and the services you provide. Once you are a known name in your city, you don’t have to do even a bit about marketing yourself. When you complete a job or project for someone, don’t hesitate to ask them about any other similar referral job. Try to be in touch with them as they can help get you your next job as well.

    For online ones, you might have to keep a bit of patience as you are dealing in a global market where there are infinite buyers and sellers; so, landing up with the appropriate job might take some time. But once you have a strong portfolio, you are usually upgraded as a premium member where you are shown as the preferred choice, thus increasing your hiring rates.

    Now, with all these hacks, you can ensure that you are never broke.

    With that being said, I would request you to share these hacks with your friends and family and help them out from a murky situation, because rather lending money, telling them how to make 2,000 dollars fast is a way better option.

    So, what are you waiting for? Start writing down your skillset and the surrounding jobs, match the skill set with the job, apply for it, and start earning, looking for more such ideas? Then, stay tuned with me as I will be back with more such ideas.

    And tell us which job you are going to do first.

    Deep B.
    Deep. B. is an online entrepreneur at heart, with a 5 figure monthly income. Phased many ups and downs in life. But now his life is on the road. Having a great experience in making money online. Created many side hustles for himself. And Surely he can help you with your online journey.


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