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    Did you ever wonder how you can get paid to type online? Do you know how to type fast?

    If not, don’t worry, there are ways to improve your typing skills and it very easy to learn.

    I taught myself to type fast through a program that looks more like a video game. It is fun and interactive, and before I knew it, my typing skills have improved significantly.

    get paid to type online at home, start working today

    Therefore, even if you are not a good typer, you may as well keep reading this article where you can find how to get paid to type at home.

    Primarily, I will focus on how to get paid to type online, since this is a field where it is easiest to find typing gigs.

    Personally, I love engaging myself in typing. It relaxes me and, more importantly, gives me the freedom to work anywhere I want and any time I see fit. You can type at home, at your favorite coffee shop, even somewhere on the beach while drinking a refreshing beverage.

    What you need in order to get paid to type is your laptop, and you are good to go.

    There are so many typing jobs that you also have the freedom to choose to type what interests you the most. You can type books, song lyrics, you can type transcription, etc.

    How great is this? Not only that, you choose where are you going to work from, but you can also decide what to type and for how long during the day.

    If you want to find out more about how to earn money by typing online, you are in the right place. I have created you a list of all the job opportunities I found suitable.

    My suggestion is to explore further any option that works for you and who knows, you can start working today, why wait?

    For those who want to improve their typing skills, I would suggest visiting the Typing Test Websites. Where you can test your speed and accuracy and improve your efficiency through typing practice.

    Get Paid to Type Online at Home: Start Working Today with These 27 Websites

    Before starting with the job, you need a good pair of headphones. Some investments can give you amazing results.

    1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

    amazon mechanical turk offers to make money in spare time, get paid for completing simple tasks like typing

    Amazon Mechanical Turk is a website that offers thousands of jobs in various categories. You have to get yourself familiar with this platform that offers HITs, short for Human Intelligence Tasks.

    You can choose jobs from fields of:

    Image/Video Processing

    You can choose to tag objects found in an image, help companies to select the best picture for a product, audit user-uploaded pictures and videos or classify and identify objects in satellite imagery. 

    Data Verification and Clean-up

    In this section, tasks offered are: removing duplicate content, identifying incomplete and duplicate product listings in a catalog, verifying restaurant details, converting unstructured data about locations. 

    Information gathering

    This section offers tasks such as answering questions about the topic, filling out market research or survey, writing content for websites, finding fields, and data elements in legal and government documents. 

    Data processing

    The final section is data processing that offers tasks like editing and transcribing audio content, translating content, rating the accuracy of search results, categorizing information according to instructions. 

    You can get paid either through the Amazon gift cards or direct debit.

    2. Axion Data Entry Services

    Axion Data Entry Services is a website that rarely offers openings for a new workforce, but it is worth to keep an eye on them.

    When they do have an opening, you need to be registered in their database. And they do look for people with a prior data entry experience, preferably, 2 to 3 years. They also require that the hired contractor can write 15.000 keystrokes per hour, which is equal to 50 words per minute – error-free. 

    As with all other suggestions that I am going to mention in this article regarding the tips on how to get paid to type on home, you have a chance to work from home, at your own paste.

    As you will be working as an independent contractor, you will have to have your own equipment and handle your personal taxes.

    3. AccuTranGlobal

    AccuTranGlobal is a website specialized in transcription and related services. 

    They are regularly looking for new contract transcribers, real-time stenographers, and voice writers. 

    As Axion Data Entry Services, they also have requirements regarding the skills of potential transcribers. 

    In order to get hired by AccuTranGlobal, you will need to type at least 60 plus words per minute. There is also a placement test which you need to pass.

    4. Birch Creek Communications

    Birch Creek Communication is a U.S. based corporation. They provide transcription services, outstanding research, competitive intelligence, and data entry. 

    This company is providing transcripts for the educational and financial institutions, corporations, government agencies, online businesses, and non-profit organizations throughout the United States.

    And it’s great that they have regular openings for freelancers, and you can choose to work when and when it suits you. 

    Depending on various factors, such as your accuracy rate and turnaround time, you can earn between 40 cents and 1 dollar and 75 cents per audio minute.

    5. Babbletype

    Another great website that always looks for transcriptionists, editors, and translators is Babbletype.

    This company offers services in transcription, translation, and content analysis.

    They are regularly hiring, but they do have a high set of standards you need to fulfill in order to join their team.

    You need to possess a high degree of skills in listening ability, language, and the ability to handle sophisticated transcript formats.

    If you pass their screening and become part of their team, you can expect to get paid 40 cents per audio minute. This can depend on the type of file transcribed.

    6. Clickworker

    clickworker offers to profit your talent like create or correct text, participating in surveys or search and categorize data for them

    Clickworker is a bit more flexible, and they are assigning you a test project where you can show your skills. 

    With the force of over 1.8 million Clickworkers, the company develops individual solutions for complex tasks and break large projects into smaller ones. 

    Clickworkers are hired to work on these smaller tasks individually. After they are done, they get merged together again, and the results are transferred to the clients. 

    If you are interested in joining their Clickworkers team, you need to sign up, free of charge. After that, you will receive a short assessment that you need to do for them to test your skills. After completing the assessment you will get paid to type.

    You will be working from home, at your own time, the only thing you need is your computer.

    The fields that you can choose to work in are:

    • Text Creation, where you get to create informative texts, product descriptions, or articles.
    • Categorization, where you categorize the date of websites
    • Copy Editing, checking the corrected text that needs to match the content, style, and the implementation of the job instruction. 
    • Proofreading, checking the texts for spelling, grammar, style, expression, all regarding the job instruction. 
    • Research, where you can search for data and addresses of companies, restaurants, and other localities. 
    • Surveys
    • Mystery Visit, where you can choose to visit nearby stores, take photos of products and upload them.
    • App Testing, where you can help optimize the design and usability of the apps. 
    • Photo Capturing requires you to make short audio and video recordings with your phone.

    7. Cambridge Transcriptions

    Cambridge Transcriptions offers services in transcription, recording, and reporting. 

    Since they are continually growing, they are always looking for new people. 

    You can choose to work on-site or off-site.

    As far as transcription is concerned, there are options to choose from Legal Transcription and Corporate Transcription.

    8. CastingWords

    CastingWords Workshop is a company that offers transcription jobs. 

    You can get hired as a freelancer to transcribe, edit or complete other short jobs online. 

    As with all the other job opportunities I mentioned above, you can work at your own pace. 

    The requirements that your work needs to meet are:

    • It must be accurate
    • Written in standard US English
    • It must not paraphrase
    • It must not include anything that wasn’t in the audio
    • Formatted correctly
    • Non-verbatim jobs must be cleaned up
    • Verbatim jobs must be true verbatim

    The important thing to remember is that they are hiring only on their website that I gave you, and through Upwork. All other offers are a fraud.

    9. Cyber Dictate

    Cyber Dictate offers legal and administrative support to the companies. They specialize in providing transcription services to legal, insurance, and law enforcement/protective services industry.

    In order to get hired by them, you do need to have experience as a transcriber, no less than three full years. The minimum typing speed would be 85 words per minute as well as excelled working knowledge of legal terminology.

    If you passed the first requirement, then you need to check if you possess the necessary equipment such as:

    • Headset
    • Foot pedal
    • Transcription software

    They are currently only accepting legal transcriber applicants. So if this seems like something you are interested in, give it a go.

    10. CrowdSurf

    CrowdSurf is a community of transcribers that creates video captions, mainly for the ones with hearing difficulties and second language viewers. 

    They offer lots of tasks, usually short, available day and night so you can work any time you want. 

    You can sign up through Work Market, and as soon as you set up the Work Market account, you can apply to join Crowdsurf as a new transcriber. 

    As with many other companies, you do need to pass the assessment, and as soon as you do, your account gets created and you can start working. 

    Every transcription task is called HIT (Human Intelligence Task), and every HIT is 15 to 35 seconds long. Once you submit your transcript and it is approved, it gets compiled with other HITs to make a full-length video. 

    All your payments will be deposited through your Work Market account. And your payments are based on the volume and accuracy of your work.

    11. Daily Transcription

    Daily Transcription provides transcription and translation services. They provide services to entertainment, corporate, and legal industries, and academic institutions.  

    If you want to work with them, you need to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), and in order to protect the clients, you will only get the portion of the project. 

    As it was stated on their website, they carefully vet their transcribers and translators and only retail about 1 percent of those who apply, so good luck to you all.

    If you do get selected, you can have flexible working hours, on your own schedule. Pay is weekly, and their starting rate is between 75 cents and 85 cents per audio minute. 

    The company also provides training, feedback, and coaching, and according to their website. Their top transcriptionists make between 250 dollars and 950 dollars per week. 

    To start working, you need to apply for the position you are interested in. Then you need to pass a Skill Assessment Test as well as Transcription Test.

    12. Data Plus+

    Data Plus+ provides data entry from any format; handwritten originals typed copy or scanned image.

    They are hiring independent contractors to perform data entry work, and if you want to apply, you have to submit to a background check and to fill out an application. After you can start getting paid to type for them.

    13. Focus Forward Transcription

    Focus Forward Transcription is a transcription company that offers:

    • Market research transcription
    • Medical transcription 
    • Legal transcription
    • Business transcription
    • Academic transcription
    • Production transcription 
    • Audio transcription
    • Podcast transcription
    • Video transcription

    If you want to apply for a job as a college student in this company, there are four easy steps to follow –

    • Download the instruction and transcription program
    • Download the audio file test to be transcribed
    • Begin the transcription test
    • Fill out the application form and upload the test

    You will get the results back within 48 hours. 

    You can choose when to work, and you can also work from anywhere in the world. 

    They are providing an online scheduling tool so you can share your availability.

    When you start working, the pay is 40 cents per audio minute, and over time, as you build your experience, you can expect to get higher paid to type.

    14. Southwestern Fundraising

    The company Southwestern Fundraising mainly works in fundraising for schools and organizations, and they are not offering steady work. Still, this option may be useful if you are looking for a seasonal job. 

    What I like about this company is that their primary focus is on helping kids. Over the years, they helped schools and organizations earn over 5 billion dollars in profit. 

    Your job here would consist of looking at the scanned magazine order forms, and typing gathered information into a database.

    15. GoTranscript

    gotranscript offers transcription job which are available worldwide with pay rate up yo $0.60 per audio or video minute

    GoTranscript is a web-based transcription and translation company. They are providing services in –

    • Audio Transcript
    • Video Transcript
    • Translation (Text and Audio)
    • Foreign Subtitles
    • Captions

    Since they are continually growing, they are always hiring new transcriptionists.

    According to the information I gathered on their website, the pay is up to 60 cents per audio minute. The average earning per month is 150 dollars, and the top monthly earning is 1215 dollars. 

    To open an account is completely free. Firstly you need to provide your phone number so they can send you an SMS verification. After which you are sending a real-time photo of you with verification code written on paper. 

    To do the transcription jobs from home, all you need is your computer and a reliable internet connection. 

    You will receive a weekly payout via PayPal, and they are also providing lots of support. 

    Since they have many projects available, you can choose the one you like and enjoy work variety.

    16. 24/7 Transcripts

    If you have no experience as a transcriptionist, 24/7 Transcript is the right place for you. Finally, a place where newbies have a chance to get paid to type at home.

    They have several career opportunities that you can choose from:

    • Transcriptionist that requires you to listen and transcribe audio.
    • Editor, whose job is to review transcripts for audio and grammatical and spelling accuracy.
    • The team leader that manages a team of transcriptionists hires and trains them creates the schedule and workload management, as well as communication with other managers.

    For a transcriptionist, the experience is not required, but what is required is firm comprehension of the English, both spelling and grammar.

    They are giving preference to people willing to commit to more than an hour of audio per day, most days of the week. 

    17. Hollywood Transcriptions

    Hollywood Transcriptions provide transcription and translation services. They are providing transcription for the Entertainment, Academic, Legal, and Corporate Industries. 

    If you are considering applying here, see if you can meet their conditions which are:

    • Type at least 65 words per minute
    • Own a digital foot pedal 
    • Own a transcription software 
    • Be fluent in English with excellent grammar and spelling skills
    • Have a computer and internet connection
    • Be computer literate

    There is a transcriber questionnaire on their website that you can fill out in order to apply. 

    18. MicroWorkers

    microworkets offers earn money for task management and verification like text captcha test, predefined answers, required/non required questions

    MicroWorkers offer as it seems, endless micro-tasks that are taking not more than a minute of your time to complete. As you will see, when you go on their website, the list of available types of jobs is very long, and it seems that there is something for everyone. 

    If you want to try out this website, you need to register and create an account, after which you can search for available jobs in the field you choose. 

    I doubt that this work will make you rich, but it can be an additional income, so why not give it a try?

    19. OneSpace Freelance

    OneSpace has a Freelance section where you find transcription jobs.

    Currently, they are looking for English and International Language Transcriptionists, so if you are interested, you can go on their website and apply. 

    Besides transcription, you can find writing and editing content, data entry, and product research. 

    To apply, you need to submit your application and wait for the response from the One Space Freelance team. 

    It is very easy to manage your obligations here; you submit your work, receive feedback, and get paid to type. All using the OneSpace WorkStation platform. 

    The good news is that you get daily payments for your approved work. 

    20. Professionally Fast Transcription Services

    Long name but worth memorizing, Professionally Fast Transcription Services offer audio or video transcripts to various forms for different platforms.  

    If you want to get an opportunity to work for them, first, you need to pass an Employment Grammar Quiz and to fill out the Contact Form. 

    The pay is not as high as in the previous company mentioned above, it goes as low as 20 cents per audio minute, and it is closely related to your skills that are determined during the skills test.

    21. Quicktate

    Quicktate is a company that offers services in transcribing:

    • Voicemail messages
    • Letters
    • Memos
    • Legal files
    • Medical files
    • Recording of phone calls
    • Conference calls and other audio files

    They also audit, summarize, analyze, and evaluate audio recordings and phone conversations. 

    If you want to be considered for a position in this company, you need to take a typing quiz and the Quicktate test. 

    From the prospective candidate, they ask for accurate spelling and punctuation that you have your own equipment, supplies, and facility.

    Depending on how you do on the test, you may qualify to be tested to offer your services to iDictate. 

    What they do ask is for you to pay 20 dollars for the Background Check after you pass the Quiz and the typing test, so if you are not keen on giving any money to find work, you may skip this option.

    22. REV offers earn money by transcribing or captioning from home and get paid weekly

    REV is a company that offers services in –

    • Transcription
    • Automated Transcription
    • Captions
    • Foreign Subtitles
    • Translation

    You can start working as soon as you pass a sample test, and the variety of job offers on this website gives you a choice to choose what you like to do. 

    You are getting paid weekly via PayPal. 

    For a transcriptionist, the pay is between 24 cents and 90 cents per audio/video minute.

    For captioner, the range of pay is between 45 cents and 75 cents per audio/video minute.

    23. Scribie

    scribie offers jobs for freelance transcribers with specific skills and responsibilities

    Scribie is an audio transcription company, and their files are less than 10 minutes long, so it doesn’t take much of your time to finish the assignment.

    To apply, you need to submit an application and take the online test.

    The pay is within the range of 5 dollars to 25 dollars per audio hour, and you can also earn an additional 5 dollars as a monthly bonus for every 3 hours completed.

    24. Speechpad

    Here is another place where you can start if you do not have much experience in transcription – Speechpad.

    The website offers jobs for transcribers, captioners, translators, and reviewers.

    For the role of transcribers, you might earn between 25 cents and 2.50 dollars per audio minute.

    If you want to be a translator, the pay is between 2 dollars and 5 dollars per audio minute.

    25. SigTrack

    SigTrack is a database application, and its job is to link grassroots campaigns with data entry freelancers.

    In order to work for them, you have to provide proof of U.S. residency. You also need a computer, dual monitors and high-speed internet.

    The payment for your previous work is each Friday, and the pay is a bit complicated to explain, so I would suggest to visit their website and learn which factors determine how much you get paid for typing.

    26. SpeakWrite

    speakwrite offers remote transcription jobs with experience in legal, general and Spanish transcription

    SpeakWrite is yet another transcription company, and here you can earn as much as 3.400 dollars per month.

    The average monthly earning is 450 dollars per month.

    They do, however, have some requirements for a transcriptionist position. You would need to have typing skills 60 words per minute average speed with 90 percent accuracy.

    You also need to be a resident of the U.S. or Canada, fluent in English and have one year of experience.

    27. Get Paid to Type with Textbroker

    textbroker offers to get paid to write content, get access to thousands of projects to turn your writing skills into cash

    Textbroker offers a slightly different than the suggestion I mentioned above. They are outsourcing content creation and always looking for new freelancers.

    You can write a blog post, product descriptions, or advertising copy.

    They have 100,000 content orders every month, and the clients vary from corporations, small businesses, websites, social media communities, and publishing houses.

    The pay is based on your quality level. You can get paid from 0.7 cents per word if your quality level is low, up to 5 cents per word if your quality level is high.

    There is also an option to earn through a Direct Order where you can set your rate regardless of your quality level and Team Order, where the client sets the earnings per word for the Team.


    As you can see, lots of points mentioned here cover transcription and data entry. Some websites offer captioning and translation.

    You have a variety of choices to get paid to type online, and depending on your preferences, you can choose what you like the most.

    For some of you, data entry would be something you enjoy doing, for others typing books or song lyrics or transcription.

    Whatever you choose, do visit the websites I mentioned before and I am sure that you will find the best place where you can start working and making decent money.

    Good luck to you all!

    Do you love typing your own story? Tell me. I will show you how you can get paid to type it.

    Deep B.
    Deep. B. is an online entrepreneur at heart, with a 5 figure monthly income. Phased many ups and downs in life. But now his life is on the road. Having a great experience in making money online. Created many side hustles for himself. And Surely he can help you with your online journey.



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