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    Have you ever thought that you could get paid to listen to music?

    There are many ways to make money online, and listening to music is one of them. This job could get more exciting if you enjoy songs in your free time.

    get paid to listen to music in free time

    All you need to do is sign up with a website I will be mentioning in this article and start to earn money by listening to music. It will help you boost your online earnings to meet your small expenditures by a good margin.

    Now, you must be wondering why these websites would pay you to simply listen to a piece of music. Just so you know, the job doesn’t end there. They also pay their users to provide their reviews.

    You get paid to review music. As you join these websites, you will have to give a genuine review to help upcoming artists gain the right path to grow their talent. The more you listen, the more you will get paid.

    What Exactly Do You Need to Do?

    man sitting wearing headphones having mac book in front listing to music to make money online

    I think this is perhaps the easiest part of the whole process, which is very simple. That is what you should do:

    • Go to the website you would like to join to get paid to listen to music.
    • Then sign up for free, create an account, and complete your profile along with your preferences if asked.
    • As soon as your account gets approved, you can start working. On most platforms, you will listen and review music for money.
    • You will be allotted songs to write your review about them.
    • When there are enough points or money, you can withdraw it or redeem it for gifts.
    • Then I think you just keep listening and make money.

    How to Get Paid to Listen to Music (12 Website to Make Money)

    Here’s the list of best websites to make money listening to music and radio:

    1. Musicxray

    Musicxray offering music managers and artists

    An online platform, Musicxray provides the right opportunities for budding singers and songwriters to showcase their talent. Here, you can make money listening to music. It helps the artists and talent seekers get connected at a common platform.

    The artists would have to pay a certain amount of money to Musicxray to endorse their music. By submitting their songs here, those artists can also build their fan base.

    You can sign up with this website as a fan and listen to music. Then you would be paid for listening to the new artists.

    Most of the recordings you will get will be of only 30 seconds. Musicxray pays 10 cents for 30 seconds to $12 for an hour for every song. You will be paid through PayPal only. The minimum limit for a pay-out is $20.

    Musicxray is a big and renowned name that you can join to get paid to listen to music. You can easily sign up for free.

    During the signing up process, you will be asked about what you like, and then you will be given the songs matching your interest.

    2. HitPredictor

    HitPredictor offering to review music & earn gift cards

    HitPredictor is a part of iHeartMedia. It will give you a chance to listen to new music before it even comes into the market.

    This website will also pay you to review music for money. Every time you give your feedback or review, you will be rewarded with points. You can redeem those points for prizes, gift cards, etc.

    You will also be given a chance to rate the singers. Furthermore, you can win a bonus by writing a certain number of reviews in a given time.

    From what I have found, you might be making about $5 for every 15 songs you would review. The minimum age requirement to join this platform is 13 years. You can join HitPreditor for free and listen to music for money.

    3. WeLocalize

    WeLocalize offering to music transcription jobs

    You can say that Welocalize is slightly different from other options that pay you to listen to music. Here, you would have to transcribe lyrics.

    If you can transcribe the lyrics, you can join WeLocalize.

    Though, the job might seem to be a little more demanding than simply providing feedback.

    I also found that the website might pay you about $4 for every song. You can sign up here and choose your preferences. The job would be a lot easier if you transcribe the songs you would enjoy listening to.

    You will have to download the app to start working, and you will be provided with the tutorials on how it works. After that, you can start transcribing and get paid to listen to music.

    You will be paid weekly based on how many songs you can transcribe in a week. With good typing speed, you can make more money. You might also get a chance to review. WeLocalize will pay you through ACH and Wire Transfer.

    4. Cash4Minutes

    Cash4Minutes to get paid for making phone calls

    At Cash4minutes, you can enjoy music and make money. This website will pay you for calling and listening to the radio. You will have to create an account and provide your contact details, including landline number.

    Once you have completed your profile, the company will send you emails with a list of tasks to be carried out. You will have the choice to pick from any radio station available during the time you are working.

    With Cash4minutes, you will get paid to listen to music for about $0.08 per minute. You will receive the payments through PayPal, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. You can also get Amazon Gift Cards for money.

    So I would suggest, listen more to earn more.

    5. Earnably

    Earnably offering to earn instant rewards by completing tasks, watching videos and listening music

    Earnably pays users to perform different tasks, and in return, they are rewarded with points. For completing every task, you earn different points.

    These tasks can include watching advertisements, referring your friends, listening to the radio, taking surveys, etc. Earnably will pay you through PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, and Bitcoin.

    Once you have earned 225 points, which would be $2, you can withdraw your earnings.

    With other tasks available, you can make more money than just get paid to listen to music.

    6. PlaylistPush

    PlaylistPush offering to connect artists to playlist curators

    PlaylistPush is an online platform that allows Spotify, Apple, and Deezer users to join and make money. You will not only get paid to listen to music, but you can also add the songs to your playlists and earn up to $12 for every song.

    The company provides a common platform for music artists and curators to connect. You will be working as a curator. If you have at least 400 followers on your playlist, you are eligible to join PlaylistPush.

    As a curator, you would listen to the music of artists and review their songs.

    7. RadioEarn

    RadioEarn offers to earn alone or with your website with listening radio

    Once you have signed up with RadioEarn for free, you can start making money by accessing your radio link.

    Try your best to be more active, as it will help you make more money. For every 15 minutes of listening, you will get points.

    After a month, RadioEarn will convert your points into money that you can withdraw through bank transfer, Bitcoin, or Amazon gift cards.

    8. Slice The Pie

    Slice the Pie will pay you to listen, rate, and review songs. You would have to write short reviews for songs.

    On this site, you would have to listen to the song for at least the first 60 seconds and then start writing the review. With time, if you write more reviews, your account will get ratings as well.

    Your rating will decide how much you will get paid per song. For each review you write, you could make $0.02 to $0.2 based on your account ratings. You will be paid through PayPal on Tuesday and Friday.

    9. Radioloyalty

    RadioLoyalty is an online radio that will reward you for listening to it. This service is accessible in many parts of the world. You can pick from various radio stations.

    RadioLoyalty earns through advertisements. You will be listening to both songs and advertisements.

    So basically, you are being paid for listening to the advertisements. You will be given points, and you can get Gift Cards and Vouchers in exchange for those points.

    You will earn points when you will sign up and fill your profile. From there, every 10 minutes you will listen to the radio, you will make 10 points.

    Also, to ensure that you are active, as you will have to fill CAPTCHA every 4 to 5 minutes.

    10. FusionCash

    FusionCash offers paid surveys, video and listening to music

    FusionCash is another reliable site where you can make money listening to music you enjoy. It works in collaboration with RadioLoyalty that I had already mentioned earlier in this article.

    In between songs, you will be provided with CAPTCHA every few minutes that you would need to solve and fill.

    When you sign up with FusionCash, you are rewarded with $5 as a bonus, and once your earnings have reached $25 in a month, you can withdraw it.

    It is an easy way for kids to earn some extra cash online. Payments will be made through check, direct transfer, or PayPal on the 20th of every month.

    You can also make money by watching videos, taking surveys, referring friends, etc.

    11. Research.FM

    You can join Research.FM and give your feedback on music, shows, DJs, and more. along with that, you will also be providing ratings.

    The website will send you surveys that could meet your interest and qualification. Filling those surveys will earn you reward points.

    You will also have to submit reviews. After submitting your review, your points could be redeemed in Amazon gift cards and other special gift cards.

    12. Current Rewards

    Current Rewards offers to play music and get paid

    The Current Rewards is an application where you can listen to over 100,000 stations and earn extra income as credits. There are different stations for different moods, genres, and popular artists.

    Once you have downloaded the app, swipe your lock screen to get access to the stations. Select a station and start listening to music to make money.

    With enough credits, you can use them to get cash, gift cards, etc. Though, you might not earn much. According to the company, if you are an active user, you can make up to $120. The credit limit for a day is $150.

    Still, I think it is a convenient option to start somewhere and get paid to listen to music.

    How Much Money Can You Make for Listening to Music?

    Well, the amount of money you can earn in this job depends on the website or company you are working for. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure that you can only make a side income. It won’t be a substitute for your job or business income.

    Mostly, how much you earn for each song review will depend on the rating of your account. The more you listen, the more you can earn while increasing your ratings.

    Although, in most cases, you don’t have to listen to the full song. I would recommend you hear at least the first 60 seconds before rating or writing review. A good quality review will help you get more opportunities and make money.

    Bad and low-quality reviews can affect your earnings and ratings. But before any work is sent to you, you will have to submit your taste and preference in music.

    That won’t send you some random songs. They will send you based on your profile and preferences, and it will ensure that you will give your feedback.


    To get paid to listen to music is completely possible, as you must have already surmised by now from the list I have gathered. However, don’t for a second think that it can become your full-time income work. At best, you might be able to make about $5 per song.

    But that doesn’t mean you can go for a side income to meet your small everyday expenditures. Especially if you are still studying or trying to fill your free time with something worthwhile.

    One of the best parts about these make money listening to music jobs is that you can enjoy it while making money. It can be a fun job for you.

    I would mainly recommend this source of online income for those who don’t mind new music by fresh artists. If you have good listening and writing skills, you can try to get paid to review music.

    Until you find something, you can enjoy more in your free time, listen to music, write your feedback, and make some extra bucks. That doesn’t sound too hard.

    So why not give it a try and see what you find? And tell us also in the comments.

    Deep B.
    Deep. B. is an online entrepreneur at heart, with a 5 figure monthly income. Phased many ups and downs in life. But now his life is on the road. Having a great experience in making money online. Created many side hustles for himself. And Surely he can help you with your online journey.


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