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    What would you do if I told you, you could get paid to draw?

    Do not doubt. It is true. Today, you can make money using your skillful drawings and without much of an investment. 

    how to get paid to draw what you love with 16 websites that pay you

    If you are doing nothing right now, look around your sitting place. You might be able to see some papers, notebooks, pens, or pencils. Pick them up and start drawing, and one of them might get your first payment.

    You can submit drawings for money. All you need to do is go the extra mile to find potential jobs and customers.

    On the internet, you can get many opportunities to make money drawing pictures. It doesn’t matter what you draw, be it cartoons, portraits, sketches, and more. There is always someone willing to pay for your work. 
    I know some freelancers who draw and make money. Initially, they did not know where to start. But slowly, they learned along the way.

    16 Creative Ways to Get Paid to Draw Online

    If you want to make some money out of your drawing talent, here are 16 options that can provide you with the right opportunity.

    1. is a very popular website, allowing you to submit artwork for money. You can join this website and post your drawings for free. It is kind of a social media networking platform for drawing artists.

    One of the best parts about this website is that you can choose your options to sell your artwork. You can sell from actual prints and digital formations, amongst other options.

    You will get a chance to connect with other artists, even if the pay is somewhat less. Your drawings will get exposure and give you more confidence to share your work.

    2. Etsy 

    Etsy is an excellent place to sell your drawings, reprints, and more. Here, you would have to create a shop and endorse your work to gain followers.

    To begin with, I would recommend you to check the drawing groups on the site. It will give you an idea of what is in demand.

    To learn more about selling your drawings at Etsy, read Etsy Excellence. It is a low-priced book, teaching about how to use your passion to make money.

    But there is one thing you need to keep in mind on Etsy. You would have to look after the shipping of your items and handle customer inquiries.

    3. is where you can sell tattoo designs. You can submit tattoo designs through contests.

    Here, those who want a tattoo design of their liking will create a contest. They will list the details of their preferences.

    Using the given information, you can create a design hoping that you will be the winner. Nonetheless, there is no guarantee that the result would be in your favor.

    Prizes can range from low to high, depending on the client and his or her requirement. Some prizes are as high as $200 and more.

    4. Upwork or Freelancer

    If you have done some freelance work in the past, you must be familiar with these two names. I have been involved with these sites for some time now. They are reliable platforms for talented folks.

    On both these websites, you can bid for jobs that need drawing skills. You will find quite a few lucrative jobs there.

    You would have to create a profile on these websites with all your work and qualification details. If you have experience of drawing works, it will increase your chances of landing a nice job.

    If a prospective client likes your profile and application, they might offer you the job. Then, you can discuss further details of the work and payment with them.

    Once you have built a strong profile and solid rating, it would be a lot easier to get desired jobs.

    You can visit Upwork and Freelancer for more information. These are great websites to get paid to draw.

    5. Up With Paper

    Up With Paper allows you to submit art for money. You can make art submissions for greeting cards and get paid for your work. You can communicate with them using mail or email.

    Up With Paper is the original pop-up greeting card company. Here, you can submit your portfolio for work consideration. You can draw for all seasons and occasions.

    You can visit Up With Paper to find more about the drawings and designing guidelines. If you are good at your artwork, this website will deliver the right opportunities.

    6. Reddit

    Reddit is a popular platform and has been around for decades. You can use this platform to interact with other artists and potential clients through Reddit from all over the world.

    There are many boards on Reddit where artists can post regularly. You can use Reddit to promote yourself and attract the attention of potential customers and jobs.

    While not all jobs are paid for, you can still get paid to draw on Reddit.

    7. NobleWorks Cards

    NobleWorks is also a greeting card company. You can submit your work with them. They will take a look at it to see if they can use it for their greeting cards. 

    They are usually looking for funny and unique card designs. If you have a good sense of humor and convert that humor into your drawings, NobleWorks might be the place for you.

    To know more about working with NobleWorks, visit NobleWorks, and contact them.

    8. CardGnome

    It is a great website for freelancers who enjoy drawing and want to get paid to draw. Here, you can upload your artwork and also create your shop. The site delivers greeting cards automatically.

    For every card sold, you will receive royalties. Here, cards can be customized for different occasions. You just need to choose the occasion, get a card approval, and see to the shipment of the card.

    This site allows you to sell the greeting card designs and make 10% of the card price. It is free of cost.

    Royalties might seem quite low for every card. I would recommend you to sell as many cards as you can every month and increase your receipts.

    Visit CardGnome for more info.

    9. Instagram

    Who doesn’t know Instagram? It is one of the most popular social media platforms that you can use to show your drawings.

    It might take some time for you to make money drawing. With the right target users, you can find work using Instagram. Post your work and interact with your followers.

    You can also set up a shop online and promote it through your Instagram account. Share your contact information where potential customers could contact you for purchase.

    It might take some time, but Instagram is an easy to use and most widely used platform in the world.

    10. Draw Vector Artwork to sell

    You can draw and sell vector artworks to get paid to draw. These mostly include computer graphics together with creating logos, pictures, print designs, etc.

    There is a high demand for graphic designs for brochures websites. And more. I would say you draw unique pictures and use them to make money drawing.

    The best part is that unless you offer an exclusive right to your design, you can sell the same design again and again.

    There are many tools, such as CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator, that can help you with vectorizing your picture.

    You can sell vectorized images on various websites such as:

    On these websites, you can find the buyer and might even make about $500 a month.

    11. Amber Lotus Publishing

    It allows artists to submit their artwork electronically. You will receive the payment when your work has been approved and published. The best time to submit your work is from April to July.

    Though you can submit your work at any time of the year, their response time could be longer.

    Your artworks must be thematically based, and they must connect. Moreover, your work should suit their product line.

    Visit Amber Lotus Publishing to know more about what they expect from talented artists such as you.

    12. Fiverr

    Fiverr is a renowned online platform to sell your drawing artworks for your chosen price. You can draw a quick sketch, logo, or something else for the client, and get paid to draw within an hour.

    You can create your own drawing business on Fiverr. Indeed, on this website, you can see the latest listings to see what clients want.

    It is a great place to work from home and use your passion for drawing to make money. Initially, things might be a bit slow. But as you gain better ratings, more organic work will come.

    13. Caspari 

    Caspari doesn’t provide any specific guidelines. You can submit art for money, and they will review if your drawing is compatible with their products or not. 

    Before you submit your work, I would recommend you go through the Caspari website. It will help you understand what kind of artwork can be accepted by this website and increase your odds for success.

    Nonetheless, Caspari will only accept drawings as it does not reproduce photographic imageries.

    14. Great Arrow Graphics

    Great Arrow always welcomes fresh talent and their designs for their cards. Just follow their submission guidelines and deadlines available on their website.

    It will increase your chances of getting accepted and get paid to draw. You can draw for all occasions and events such as graduation, Christmas, holidays, anniversary, friendship, religion, and more.

    Visit Great Arrow for more information and submit your work. 

    15. Crown Point Graphics

    As per the information available on the official Crown Point Graphics website, they buy or license new art.

    As of now, they are looking for a variety of drawing styles, including watercolor, humor, folk, and more. You can find more about their preference on their website.

    You can create designs for various occasions such as Christmas and holidays.

    If you have the talent, there is no shortage of opportunities.

    They prefer submission in JPG or PDF form. But they are willing to work with other formats as well.

    Crown Point Graphics will take your drawing submissions for review and approval for their cards. Check the website for more details.

    16. Palm Press

    Palm Press takes submissions all through the year. You can design new artwork and also go for conventional designs.

    They offer different categories under which you can submit your work. You can visit the official website of Palm Press to find more about the categories.

    To learn about which categories they have to offer as well as how you can submit your original artwork, you can do so via the link below.

    How Much Can You Get Paid to Draw?

    young girl holding crayon, making drawing on white sheet on a table and getting paid to draw

    If drawing is your passion, but you do it just to please yourself, there is hardly going to be any income. 

    You would have to show your drawings out there, where many others are doing just the same. The more exposure your art gets, the better chances you will have to make money by drawing.

    I won’t sugar-coat things for you. Initially, you will face a lack of proper work and uneven sources of income. However, as you start building a name for yourself, you will be able to see an increase in your income too.

    It is always exciting when you can make money while doing something you love. Indeed, some top-earning comic artists make $3,000 to $20,000 every month.

    If you work for regular clients or employers, you will get a steady income periodically. It will provide you a stable source of income as an employee.

    You can also do your work on the side. Once you have gathered enough experience, fans, and contacts, you can start your own gig full time.


    Getting paid by drawing is possible, especially in the times of digital marketing. If you can understand what your prospective client wants, things can get a lot easier.

    Work on your skills and make the best of the available opportunities from the comforts of your home. To get paid to draw, invest in stuff like drawing tablets, software, computers, and more.

    Most importantly, make time and have the patience for this line of work. You will have to showcase your work to clients through the right platform.

    Above-given sites are some reliable places that you can use to explore various opportunities and test your skills.

    Sure, some available options may take time to deliver real worth for your talent. But they can certainly give you a steady platform to start with.

    In the long run, things will increase your odds of success.

    I can give you my best wishes, and hopefully, you will work harder until you start getting some great cash inflow for your talent and tenacity.

    Now don’t let your hidden talent go waste, choose the best site & also tell others in the comments which website you choose.

    Deep B.
    Deep. B. is an online entrepreneur at heart, with a 5 figure monthly income. Phased many ups and downs in life. But now his life is on the road. Having a great experience in making money online. Created many side hustles for himself. And Surely he can help you with your online journey.


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