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    Ever heard of a money-making method that involves becoming someone’s online friend and getting paid for it? Sounds weird, isn’t it?

    Well, some people get paid to be an online friend, and some of them are making some reasonable income from it. In today’s tech-savvy world, you can be someone’s friend and get paid for it.

    get paid to be an online friend and earn up to $50 per hour

    And if you thought that getting paid to be a friend of someone is about dating or any other illegal activity, then you got it all wrong. People who pay to be friends with others usually do it for the companionship they are seeking at the moment and not for any ill intentions.

    You can become a friend of someone and share certain fun activities such as going to movies together, walking in the park, or even adventure cycling together. Of course, you must be an outgoing person for you to fit in this kind of arrangement perfectly. If the idea of meeting strangers and then making them your friends is a great thing for you, then you can easily fit in fast.

    In this article, I’m going to discuss with you some online platforms that you can get signed up on. And get to meet people seeking friends and get paid to be an online friend.

    3 Ways to Get Paid to Be an Online/Virtual Friend (Paid Companionship)

    Several sites connect people seeking friends or companionship. Here is a list of some of those online platforms that you can sign up with and get companionship for money:

    1. offers get paid to be a friend online and earn up to $50 per hour! plus free meals and much more

    The best available online platform that you can get paid to be a virtual friend is The platform has a huge user base of people who are seeking paid friendship or companionship. The website offers a service where a person who is looking for a platonic kind of relationship can easily meet with a partner. boasts of a large database of users who are either there looking for friends or wanting to be befriended. According to the website, it has a database of more than half a million active users who are looking to find paid friends in just a single day.

    So what does it take for you to join the website?

    As a first time user seeking to sign up to become part of the, you will be required to fill an application as is common with other membership websites. You will also be asked to provide your full names, your location, and your gender. You must be very professional when filling out information regarding yourself.

    Many users are already signed up and who are all in the race to find ‘mates’ who can pay them for their friendship. As you sign up to make money working as a friend, you then have to market yourself as much as you can. The best you can market yourself, the better your chances will be in landing many’ friendship requests’.

    After filling out the online form and submitting it, you then have to wait for some time for your profile to become active online. The administrators of the website have to vet the details you provide before finally allowing it to go live.

    Important points to note include the following:

    Becoming a friend is free, and if you wish to become one, you won’t be required to pay any penny at all. As a person looking to get paid to be a companion, you enjoy the advantage of keeping all the proceeds you earn. Instead, it is the ‘friends’ seekers who are charged by the website.

    You also enjoy the liberty to choose the person who you become friends with. This is something that you can achieve through your interaction of users who are looking for friends to pay. All the members who will be seeking to make friends with you are paid members seriously looking to be a friend online.

    How much money can you make on

    As per the claims made by the website, users signed up as friends can make anything from $20 to about $50 per hour. According to the site, they even have some users working full-time as friends who make money to the tune of $2,000 every week. Now, this looks so impressive and tempting for anyone keen on finding ways to make money online.

    You need to be aware of the fact that the much that you can make from the website will be dependent on how much you are available for work. Of course, other factors will come into play, such as your demographic, your resident location, and what you will be ready to do. Now because there are many factors involved, what you earn will be dependent on your strategies and availability for work.

    I would suggest you create a profile on the website and see for yourself how much you can make offering yourself as a ‘friend.’

    What is it that is expected of you on the platform as a friend?

    Once you have signed up on as a ‘friend,’ there isn’t much that will be required of you to make money. The things that you will be expected to do are those you probably are already doing with your usual friends.

    You may be prevailed upon to accompany your new friend to an amusement park, sporting event, or any other activity. The person buying your friendship may communicate with you in advance, informing you about the activity he/she would like to accompany them doing. This, in a way, will help you get prepared for the situation beforehand.

    Some of the most popular activities you can expect include the following:

    • A walk to the beach
    • Going bowling
    • Attending a comedy show
    • Attending parties
    • Going to concerts
    • Golfing
    • Family get together events
    • VIP events and traveling
    • Going cycling together

    Even as you accompany your friend to any activity, it is essential for you to bear in mind that your relationship is strictly limited to fun and nothing else. The website prohibits romantic kind of relationship. However, users have the discretion to do with themselves what they please after their initial meet up.

    It is also important for you to get acquainted with the small details such as the time to meet up, date, plan of the day, and the total amount you will get paid.

    What about safety?, unfortunately, doesn’t do the due diligence of performing a background check on people who are registered on it as users. Instead, the website puts much emphasis on members looking for friends to pay for the service. Of course, this does not guarantee that individuals registered on the site are safe.

    This is why any individual on the website needs to take extra security measures to remain safe. If you are going to meet with a stranger for the first time, ensure that your venue is a public area with ample security. A good rule, you are not supposed to trust anyone you meet online and accept to accompany them to their private residence or hotel room. Doing this might compromise your security and safety.

    2. offers become a local friend and earn money and travel the world as a member is yet another website that you can register in and get paid to be an online friend. The site offers you the opportunity to be a friend online from any city in the world. The website also makes it possible for you to be a text friend from your location.

    For users who are seeking the services of friends from the website, they are required to select a city that they wish to find a friend in. It could be a travel destination or even a city that they reside in.

    If you are getting registered on the site to make money as a friend, all you have to do is simply enter your details such as names, your resident city, age, and such basic personal information about yourself. The best thing with the website is that you could also register there as a travel agent if you reside in a popular travel destination.

    Users registered on the site as ‘friend seekers’ have the opportunity to browse hundreds of profiles of potential friends. The profiles show the interests of each of the users, and so it is up to the searcher to choose one that best suits his/her unique needs. As you get registered on the platform, just ensure that you provide sufficient details about yourself as possible.

    There are so many users who are already registered on the platform keen on finding clients looking for friends. What this means is that competition for possible clients looking for friends maybe a little tricky for you as a new user. You, therefore, need to create a profile that markets you well to potential clients who will hire you as a friend.

    The possible amount of money you can make from

    Well, I researched the website about the possible amount of money that a user can make selling the services of a friend. I couldn’t find much information even by reading through the website’s FAQs.

    A look at the profiles of most of the users on the website can give some clue as to how much you can make there as a friend. Most profiles do charge at least $50 to an upwards of $200 for a day of friendship service offering. You have the discretion to set your rates and the possibility of earning as much as $120 in a single day!, however, works on a different model to in that users selling their friend services are required to pay a certain annual fee. The advantage you get in using over is that you won’t experience much competition from other users. It is important to note that it will cost you an annual fee of $100 to get registered as a friend on the website.

    3. is also another website that offers a platform for people looking for companionship for money. It is, however, just limited n Japan so you may only enjoy the services if you are in the country. I couldn’t gather as much information about this website because much of the information in it is written in Japanese.

    4. offers get the best friendship services is a large marketplace for freelancers who do sell their various services and clients seeking the services. Among some of the freelance work that is popular on the freelancing website include; web service, writing services, digital marketing, etc. What most people don’t know is that the website also provides a platform for clients looking for friendship services.

    The part of the website that deals with friendship services are known as Fiverr friendship. If you wish to join the friendship service on the site, you can simply sign up and provide your identity details such as your name, interests, etc.

    Once you have created an account, you can then go ahead to enrich your profile with details about you. Ensure to write appealing things about you that will sell you to potential clients. There are various friendship services that you can offer to make money on here.

    Some of the friendship services that you can offer to clients to get paid include:

    • Gaming
    • Relationship advice
    • Spiritual and healing
    • Arts & crafts
    • Astrology & readings
    • Health, nutrition & fitness

    The advantage of using this site to sell your friendship services is that it has a very large database of certified clients who are seeking for the service. It also doesn’t matter the country that you come from because to be a friend online on

    The platform also has varied payment options where clients can easily send payment to you for the service. The site also allows various multinational currencies meaning that you can get paid even in your local currency for your friendship services.

    Aside from friendship services, you can also sell other services such as writing, web design, and graphic design on the platform and make some extra money for yourself.

    The amount of money you stand to make on as a friend

    I did a personal check on the website about the amount that users there typically charge. I found out that on average most of them typically charge between $5 and $25 to offer their friendly service. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can create an account that charges above the $5 – $25 average.


    You have learned how you can get paid to be an online friend, and you know the various websites that you can join to achieve this. The two notable sites that you can be a friend and earn some money are and Some other websites include, and so much more.

    Now that you have learned lots about how you can get paid to be an online friend.

    So now which website did you wish to try out yourself and make some money working as a friend?

    Deep B.
    Deep. B. is an online entrepreneur at heart, with a 5 figure monthly income. Phased many ups and downs in life. But now his life is on the road. Having a great experience in making money online. Created many side hustles for himself. And Surely he can help you with your online journey.


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