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    Do you use Google as a search engine? If yes then you can make some money and get paid for searching the web.

    If you are one among many who list surfing the web as a special interest, I have great news for you. You can now enjoy your favorite interest and, in the process, earn yourself money. The best part is that there is no catch involved in the proposition. If you are interested in getting paid to search the web, this article will be a useful read.

    Let me assure you that this is no joke. You can indeed earn by just searching on google about things that are of interest to you. If you have time on your hands and a desire to earn a quick extra income, you can do so by browsing the internet. And let me tell you, there is no need for you to invest monetarily in the slick proposition.

    How to Get Paid for Searching the Web?

    There are different types of websites that you can register with to get paid to surf the web. The top 3 on our list are –

    Data Collection Apps:

    These are typically apps that run in the background and glean from your browsing habits. There are plenty of companies that are willing to pay good money to find out what their customers want and where they intend them. All you have to do is register onto these data collecting apps with your email id and get paid as you browse the internet. I highly recommend this option if you want to earn quick extra money effortlessly.

    Search Engine Evaluator:

    All prominent search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing, are willing to pay you to evaluate their performance by rating their results. Get on board with these search engines and get paid for the valuable feedback/rating you provide them. Your effort is valuable to these companies as they can streamline their algorithms based on analyzing the collated data.

    Change Your Search Engine:

    You must have come across the pop up that suggests that you make the current search engine your default option. If you are willing to leave your Google aside and select another search engine for your browsing activity, it can help you earn. There are companies that will pay you if you make them your default search engine.

    12 Websites to Get Paid to Surf the Web

    You can earn easy money effortlessly by getting onboard with one of the following companies. There is no prerequisite skill that you will have to acquire to make money searching the web. Here are the sites you can apply to –

    1. Wonder

    askwonder offers to warn money using your brain and work when you want

    Wonder is top on our list as it is one of the companies that are willing to pay you well for browsing and researching. You could be a corporate professional or a stay-at-home mom, if you have decent research skills (which most individuals do in the digital age), Wonder is definitely an option to consider.

    The best part about this website is that it does not ask for any kind of formal educational qualification when you apply. The only thing Wonder looks at is if your research and communication (English) skills are good.

    Once you are on board, you will be Wonder’s research assistant, who can earn a flat-fee for every response that is insightful. You can earn up to $20 based on the quality of the response you provide.

    2. Swagbucks

    swagbucks offers put cash back in your wallet for searching the web

    Swagbucks offers points for searching for any information you may need on its search bar. This site uses the Yahoo search engine, and by using this feature, you can accumulate points that you can later redeem.

    However, this is not the only way you can earn from Swagbucks. You also have the option to watch ads to make an earning. The very many benefits that this site offers include attractive cashback that is hard to resist.

    The best part about using Swagbucks to make money searching the web is that you do not have to use any kind of intellectual effort. If a lot of time wasted in commute or queue, I recommend that you use this GPT site to utilize your time productively.

    3. Smart Panel

    smartapp offers to be part of an influential network of tech users who turn their data into useful insights and extra cash

    This is another option that you can use to make money by doing almost nothing. Smart Panel offers you a bonus to just download and sign-up on its app. Every month, you will continue to get a bonus of $5 for just continuing to keep the app on your device.

    I find GPT sites like these more apt if you just want to install the app and do nothing more. These are perfect for anybody who wishes to earn money on the side.

    Verto Analytics powers the app that runs in the background while you use your phone. The app will record your internet browsing data and helps brands understand what their target audience wants.

    4. MobileXpression

    This is yet another passive earning option that helps you get paid for searching the web. All you have to do is download the MobileXpression app onto your device (phone or tab).

    You must, however, ensure that your device is compliant with the app you are downloading. You must also answer a series of questions to check if you qualify for the earning scheme. Once you download and continue to keep the app installed, you will gain attractive gift cards from popular retailers.

    When you browse the internet on the device that carries this app, your browsing details thus collected are analyzed to derive insights that can help brands. Your details will anonymous, thereby protecting your identity.

    5. Inbox Dollars

    inboxdollars offers to earn cash for your everyday online activities

    Inbox Dollars site is for you if you enjoy watching television programs and online videos. This company offers you enjoyable ways to make money searching the web. Some of the ways include taking surveys, online shopping, referring friends, playing online games, and just surfing the web.

    You will receive a $5 bonus upon sign-up, and subsequently, you will also earn in terms of gift cards and also cash. I have found gift cards to be a rather welcomed means of pay-out you can purchase electronics such as television, phone, on heavy discounts.

    6. Qmee

    qmee offers to share your opinion, shop & search to earn real cash rewards

    Qmee is a browser extension that gets you paid to use your computer or laptop. This is only slightly different from the other options listed above. All you have to do in this case is, download the browser extension and start surfing the internet as usual.

    You may see a suggested ad or video pop up on your sidebar, and clicking/viewing them will get you paid. The number of searches that you run on a daily basis determines how much you will get paid.

    7. Zoombucks

    zoombucks offers to earn cash by completing surveys, watching tv, doing offers

    Zoombucks site lets you earn extra money by just browsing the web through their interface. The number and frequency of searches that you run every day determine the extra money that you will make.

    The site also gives you an option to earn additional income by answering surveys and watching videos/ads, among others. If you are not on board to answer surveys on this site, I feel that you can give the other options a try.

    8. FusionCash

    FusionCash is a GPT site that is open only for the residents of the United States. However, it is as effective as any other GPT site that you may come across. This app requires you to download its toolbar and, thereafter, go back to your routine browsing activities. If this is the only effort you are to put in, I say plug-in the toolbar and start earning!

    The various options this site provides you with to earn extra income includes reading emails, taking paid surveys, watching videos, among others. This site also offers a $5 bonus upon sign-up.

    9. Survey Junkie

    surveyjunkie offers to share your opinion to help brands deliver better products & services

    Survey Junkie is next on our list of options that will help you get paid for searching the web. This GPT site allows you to make money by taking surveys put out by numerous companies.

    Taking surveys and giving valuable responses will help you accumulate points which you can redeem later. You can earn up to 200 points by completing a survey and can redeem your points only after to accumulate 1000 points.

    You can redeem your earning by getting the cash deposited directly into your PayPal account, or you can opt for electronic gift cards.

    10. My Points

    mypoints offers to earn points by shopping at your favorite stores

    Are you a regular online shopper? If yes, I recommend that you visit this cashback site My Points. You can indulge in your routine shopping spree by selecting your retailer from the MyPoints site. Thereafter, every time you make a purchase, you will start accumulating points. This usually accounts for 25 points for every dollar you spend.

    You can redeem your accumulated points by opting to get pay-outs via PayPal cash, or you can choose to receive gift cards.

    11. CashCrate

    cashcrate find vetted opportunities to make money online

    The next GPT site on our list is CashCrate. Unlike the other sites we have visited earlier, this site does not require you to down any browser extension or toolbar. All you have to do is search via this site to accumulate money.

    The money you accumulate is dependent on the frequency and number of searches that you run in a day. Once you accumulate $20 by browsing the internet through this site, you are eligible to redeem the money earned.

    12. Cross Media Panel

    The last on our easy money via browsing list is Cross Media Panel. This too, requires you to install a plug-in that will record your browsing data while running in the background.

    Every device you install the plug-in in will earn you $1 per week. You can use up to 3 devices to earn extra quick cash. The devices you can use include smartphones, tabs, and laptops. You can receive your pay-outs, thus earned in the form of e-gift cards.

    How Much Do You Get Paid for Searching the Web?

    There are various sites that will pay you just for signing up for a browsing proposition. The sign-up bonus is usually $5. Although these sites calculate the number of searches you are able to engage in, you can collect the points associated with the searches. Once the points have reached a value that amounts to at least $20 (on some sites $30), you can redeem it via the payment option of your choice.

    So, on average, you can easily earn between $10-$15 per month. However, if you take up surveys and answer the questions therein, you can get paid around $35 per survey. There are many companies that are willing to pay for each question you answer ($5-$8 per question).

    How Does the Payment Get Credited?

    Different companies/websites offer pay-outs in varied ways. Here are some of the popular pay-out options you can use once you accumulate a certain preset number of points –

    • Gift cards: You can choose from various gift card options that the website provides in tandem with popular retailers such as Amazon and Target. Gift cards of popular technology products such as Xbox and Microsoft are also a pay-out option.
    • Paper check: There are a few companies who choose to pay you by means of a paper check.
    • PayPal: Some websites choose to release your payment by depositing your earnings into your PayPal account.
    • Direct deposit: Many websites prefer to make payments via direct deposits.

    Most companies release payments once you successfully accumulate a certain number of points. However, there are also many who inform you about the payment frequency in which they will release pay-outs (mostly fortnight or weekly pay-outs). Companies also use more than one of the above-listed payment options to pay you for searching the web.

    Once you are aware of the pay-out options at your disposal, I suggest that you redeem your points using means that is adds more value. For example, if you have an option to redeem your point either by availing an e-gift card or get a direct deposit, check your current needs. If you wish to purchase electronic items for the former option, else opt for the latter.


    There is no dearth of opportunities that can help you earn easy cash in the digital age. The wide plethora of opportunities that are before your eyes on various digital platforms is tremendous.

    These opportunities do not look at your educational background or any other abilities. All they look for is your willingness to participate in their journey of bettering their brand and offerings. When you sign-up on these GPT sites, you extend your consent to becoming an anonymous participant in their data collection and analysis endeavor.

    If a mere consent to record your browsing data can help you get paid – I say why not!

    An additional source of cash is always welcome, especially when you do almost nothing to earn it. I highly recommend that you go through the GPT sites listed above and check for yourself which one suits you best. After that, download the app or browser extension or toolbar, and give this method of quick earning a try.

    I extend my best wishes to you as you try your hand at making money by searching the web. This is easy as it’s going to get when it comes to earning without initial investment and grueling effort.

    Have you ever heard any of these websites? Or are you going to use these websites to get paid? Let’s discuss in comments.

    Deep B.
    Deep. B. is an online entrepreneur at heart, with a 5 figure monthly income. Phased many ups and downs in life. But now his life is on the road. Having a great experience in making money online. Created many side hustles for himself. And Surely he can help you with your online journey.


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