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    Well, who doesn’t like to get free money!

    However, the idea of getting money for free is pretty unpopular. To be precise, you cannot even think of making for free.

    legit ways to get free money right now

    But what if I tell you that there are ways to make free money? Yes, that is true. There are multiple ways to make money by doing almost nothing.

    The internet is full of opportunities that will help you to bring cash to the tables effortlessly. All you have to do is to look at the right places. 

    However, you have to understand that you cannot sow a money seed. It will not come in front of you without searching precisely. You have to be meticulous about the fact that you know the proper method. Therefore, I am here to ease out your confusion about how to get free money. I am about to present you with a list of ways of earning cash.

    How to Get Free Money: 30 Legit Ways from Which You Get Free Money Fast

    Not only you and I love free money, rather Every person on the earth want cash into there pocket without doing anything. And yes, it is possible that some websites and apps can get lots of easy cash.

    1. Get Dosh for Instant Cashback (Sign up Bonus $5)

    In this era of modernization, I do almost everything online. Be it teaching or shopping; I do it online. To be precise, I am developing a habit of the online transaction of money.

    So, I am suggesting you make use of this habit of yours. Do you know that there are cashback apps that will offer you cashback each time you shop online? And Dosh is one of the best money-making apps.

    Well, it is quite effortless to use this application. The first thing that you have to do is to link your credit card or debit card with this app. After that, you have to carry on with your shopping, as you do.

    At the end of your shopping, you will witness that you have received a lot of cashback. However, you have to be precise about the fact that you are shopping from the registered vendors of Dosh.

    2. Try the Seated App for Cashback On Meals

    Well, Seated is one of the easiest ways to earn. Whenever you use this app to book a meal, you will get a discount of up to 40% back.

    Besides, you don’t have to make any effort to do this. The user interface of this app is also up to the mark. It is crafted in such a way that there will be no issues while navigating it.

    Well, you will get paid in the form of gift cards. You will receive those gift cards from companies like Starbucks and Amazon.

    However, there is only one con of this application. You cannot access this app from all the areas. You can access this app from some specific cities.

    Some of the cities from where you can access this application are Boston, Atlanta, NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, and some more. Log on to seated to check your city.

    If you are residing in any of these cities, do not delay to book your meal on Seated.

    3. Get $10 Sign up Bonus on MyPoints

    To be precise, making money from MyPoints is not something that I cannot consider free. There are some simple tasks involved with this site.

    However, those tasks are so small that I am incorporating this method into the list. Compared to the other efforts to make cash, these tasks are negligible.

    You have to do a few things, like taking surveys, shopping online, and watching videos. Well, I have already discussed Starbucks, and it is pretty much the same.

    But you have to understand that MyPoints will not offer you direct cash. Instead of that, they will provide you with points. Later, you can use those points to get gift cards.

    Besides, when you create an account on MyPoints, you will get the sign-up bonus of $10.

    4. Use Swagbucks for Paid Surveys (Sign-up Bonus $10)

    Swagbucks is becoming one of the most popular ways to earn. Well, if you can create an account in Swagbucks, you will get $10 as a login bonus.

    Therefore, you can comprehend that nothing can be easier than earning by signing up only. However, there are other ways by which Swagbucks will present you with money.

    Well, it will provide you some cash if you do surveys on behalf of them. Also, Swagbucks will offer you money if you watch short videos for them.

    Therefore, consider Swagbucks is one of the most convenient ways to make free money fast.

    5. Download Nielsen App for $50/year

    If you are still confused about getting free money right now, I would suggest you install the Nielsen app. It is a fantastic app that will provide you with some cash.

    Well, it is a company that is responsible for TV ratings. It collects data from the websites as well as the TV shows to determine the popularity of it.

    One of the best parts about Nielsen is that it will offer you cash just for downloading their app. You don’t have to do anything more.

    Well, you have to keep the app on your device, and for that, they will pay you $50/year. I can understand that the amount is not that huge. But still, you are getting paid by doing almost nothing.

    Thus, do not hesitate twice before downloading the app of the Nielsen app. Also, this app is perfect when it comes to your security.

    6. Earn Money by Staying Healthy

    One of the easiest and free ways to make money is by staying healthy. A lot of sites will offer you money to stay fit; one of them is HealthyWage. Apart from staying fit, they will also pay your money for several other actions.

    Some actions for which you will get paid is walking, taking health surveys, and tracking your food. If you can do these things, you will get gift cards.

    Later, you can use redeem those gift cards for cash. Also, you use them as amazon gifts. Well, Achievement is one of the online places that will provide you with money.

    Therefore, stay healthy, stay safe, and get paid for it.

    7. Negotiate Monthly Utility Bills with Trim

    Well, there are numerous ways of getting free money. And negotiating on your utility bills is one of the means of doing that.

    Well, I will suggest you download Trim. It is a digital personal assistant. One of the intriguing features of Trim is that it will negotiate your bills on your behalf.

    Be it cable bills, home security, or telephone bills, and it will negotiate. Also, it will notify you whenever it is saving some money for you. Therefore, now you can keep track of your savings on the go.

    So, you can see that saving money is one of the most beautiful ways of getting free money today.

    8. Enlist Your Room With Airbnb

    Right now, renting out your room is one of the prevalent ways to make some money. A lot of people are joining their hands with Airbnb.

    So, if you have some extra room in your apartment, you can enlist your room to Airbnb. It will bring you some people who will rent your room.

    Besides, it is one of the reliable sources. Also, you don’t have to give much effort to enlist your empty room to Airbnb.

    While enlisting your room with them, you can choose your availability, prices, and house rules. Therefore, you can witness the convenience of this method.

    9. Serve as a Driver by Joining Your Hands with Lyft

    You must be thinking, how can serving as a driver can relate to free money? Well, I am telling you to sign up as a Lyft driver.

    Once you sign in with Lyft, they will provide you with a fantastic joining bonus. Compared to Uber, the bonus of Lyft is much bigger.

    Also, there will be a stable job in your hand. Thus, it will serve two purposes of yours at the same time. It will help you to get a good amount. Besides, you can now work as a Lyft driver.

    Right now, they are guaranteeing a significant amount of learning for their drivers.

    10. Convert Your Smartphone Data Into Extra Cash

    If you have a functional smartphone on your side, you can get a good amount. The best thing that you can do is to sell your data.

    Well, let us make it a bit clearer to you. Several companies and organizations are ready to pay you. In exchange, you have to provide them with insights about your smartphone usage.

    Yes, it is as simple as that. You can acknowledge that this task doesn’t involve any effort.

    One of the best places where you can sell your data is a Smart Panel. They will deliver you with a considerable amount of cash for your data.

    11. Make $10 Per Month With SlideJoy

    Well, you can earn some easy cash, if you rent out your screen locker. It sounds a bit weird, right? However, it is one of the suitable ways of getting some free dosh.

    There is an app named Slidejoy. With the help of that app, you can rent out your screen lock. Several advertisers are there to borrow your screen lock. Some people are earning $10 per month with the help of this app.

    Well, I can understand that you are feeling a bit loathsome for heading towards this idea. But, trust me, it will bring you some free bucks on the table.

    12. Take Selfies, Get Money for Free

    Now, you can bring some cash on the boards by doing nothing but taking selfies. It sounds too good to be true, right? However, it is the truth.

    Well, selfies are something that I click almost every day. Then how about earning by taking selfies? Some sites will offer you an amount for your selfies.

    You have to wear their clothing products and take a selfie wearing those. After that, they will use your selfies for a marketing campaign.

    They will try to make people understand the significance of their clothing in daily life. Thus, there is no need to worry about your security.

    Pay Your Selfie’ is one of the most reliable companies that will offer you money. You can share your selfies with this company and get paid.

    However, keep in mind that the amount is not that big. But still, you are earning it without any effort.

    13. Consider Your Junk Mails for a Treasure

    Yes, you heard it right. Now, with the help of your junk mails, you can get free money right now. Well, almost all of us receive a vast number of ads every day.

    So, how about selling those ads and make some money out of them? Several market research teams will offer you cash in exchange for your junk mails.

    One of the companies is Small Business Knowledge Center. They do studies and observations on email marketing. So, these junk emails are precious to them.

    Well, nothing can be better than getting rid of your junk mails and getting money from them. It is making money by doing nothing.

    14. Time to Get Your Hidden Money Out

    Well, I tend to delete old or unwanted messages. However, before deleting those messages, you have to understand that you are losing an opportunity to earn money.

    Yes, there is a possibility that your emails can bring you money on the table. Therefore, if you want to witness that, I would suggest you download Paribus.

    Well, it is a tool that will allow you to earn some money by scanning your online shopping bills. Now, let us fathom the functionality of this tool.

    Well, at first, Paribus will scab through your mails. After the scanning, if it finds any bills about your online purchases, maybe you will get some cash.

    However, you will get the cashback if there is a drop in the price of that product. Also, it has to be one of the registered vendors of Paribus.

    15. Open Pandora’s Box of Your Photos

    If photography is your forte, I would suggest you utilize it. Numerous sites offer money if you sell photos.

    Some of the famous sites who are eager to take your photos are Shutterstock and iStockPhoto. With these sites on your side, you can convert your passion into a profession.

    Well, I can understand that selling your photos is not earning money for free. However, I include this on the list because you can sell your pictures quickly without much effort.

    I am not denying your efforts behind crafting the fantastic photos. I am just saying that the process of selling your photos is quite effortless.

    16. Open Saving Account for Bank Account Bonuses

    Well, opening an account in a bank is one of the safest and convenient means of making money. How? Well, there are plenty of banks that will offer you a bonus after opening an account with them.

    Therefore, you can understand that you don’t have to do anything apart from opening an account. To be precise, you can rely on banks compared to the other bodies.

    However, to get the bonus, you have to make sure that you are depositing a certain amount. Also, you have to keep that amount intact for a minimum of three months in your account.

    In the meantime, if the amount falls, there is a possibility that you will not get the bonus. Here, the only effort that you have to give is to make sure that your amount is not getting down.

    17. Switch to Another Bank Account for Freebies

    Well, we all know that the banks go through a lot of competition. Therefore, to make their mark in the competition, sometimes they offer some freebies or cash.

    They do this to stay in the competition. They want to attract new customers to their banks. Therefore, if you’re going to enjoy the offer, you have to switch to a different bank.

    Once you switch to a different bank, they will provide you with you $150. All you have to do is to change your account to that bank.

    HSBC is one of the banks where you can switch your account. It will pay you the sum of $175.

    18. Get a $150 Bonus After Signing Up for Credit Card

    Using the rewards credit card is one of the most convenient ways to get some free cashback. However, you have to make sure that you are not using those cards too much.

    Chase Freedom card is one of the cards that you can check. Well, it works pretty interestingly. One of the fascinating features of this card is that it will provide you with a 1% cash-back each time you shop.

    Besides, if you can shop for $500 in the first three months, you will earn $150. Therefore, you can see that this $150 is a form of free money in your bank account.

    Moreover, you will enjoy 5% cash-back on select rotating categories.

    19. Acquire Free Money by Opening an Online Savings Account

    Another way to earn is to open a savings account on any of the online banks. Well, the online savings accounts will also pay you with free money.

    However, you will not get free cash instantly. You will get some money in the form of interest.

    Compared to the brick and mortar banks, the interest rate of online banks is higher. Well, the amount of interest will depend on the amount of your deposit.

    One of the best online banks where you can open a savings account is CIT Bank. Their interest rate is 1.5%, which is a pretty impressive rate.

    20. Give a Rating to the Pizzas

    You can consider this work as a gift from God. Some companies and sites will pay you money for eating and rating pizzas,

    Thus, nothing can be better than this job. In case, if you are a hardcore foodie, consider it to be the most excellent way to make money. You don’t have to do much rather than eating pizzas.

    After eating those pizzas, you have to give them ratings. And to get your ratings, you will get paid from multiple companies.

    TrendSource is one of those sites where you can rate the pizzas. You have to rate the local pizzas on behalf of them. And in return, you will earn money.

    21. Receive Cash Out of Your Electronic Gadgets

    Do you have any electronic gadgets that you don’t use anymore? Are those gadgets still functional? Then you can sell those gadgets and get paid out of them.

    Some sites will allow you to sell your electronic gadgets. However, you have to make sure that you are selling your things on a legit website.

    And to find out the legit site, I would suggest you go through some research. Well, if you take my decision, I will recommend you opt for Gazelle.

    Gazelle is one of the most reliable sites that you can trust. Here, you can enlist your electronic kinds of stuff. Another intriguing part about this site is that the prices are fixed.

    So, you don’t need to worry about bargaining.

    22. Make Yourself Available for Clinical Trials

    How about being a human guinea pig? What about contributing to humanity? Well, there are myriads of online platforms that need you for their experimentation.

    Well, you have to register yourself with those platforms. After that, they will consider you as their subjects. They will try new medicines on you, and they can also do other research as well.

    Next, all you have to do is to sit back and relax. They will do all their research. And in return, you will earn a good amount.

    Some sites where you can enlist yourself for this purpose are and If you can create an account on these sites, you will be able to get paid without spending anything.

    23. Think for Missed Unclaimed Money

    Forgetfulness is a part of human psychology. And sometimes it leads us to lose some good amount of cash. Maybe, you miss some money that you should have claimed.

    In that case, you can visit the site of MissingMoney. It will help you to fetch your unclaimed money. Besides, this site will allow you to search according to the states. To be precise, you can search for the states where you are living.

    For instance, there is a possibility that you are eligible to get a pension. However, maybe you have missed the mail about it. In that case, you can get help from this site.

    24. Look for a Student Aid

    Student aid is another way to get paid on the boards. And the amount that you will get is pretty huge.

    If you are a student, then you can check with your college to get money.

    Besides, offering you some amount, you can get rid of your debts.

    25. Put Out Your Car to Rent

    If you have a car that you don’t use much, make use of it. If you have a functional car on your side, you can get free money fast.

    It is the time when you must rent out your car. Renting out the car doesn’t involve any efforts from your side. 

    One of the websites that can help you in this matter is Getaround. They will pay you if you rent out your car to someone else, using their service.

    So, do not let the layers of dust to ruin the functionality of it. Give it on rent and make dollars by doing nothing.

    26. Get Rid of Your Old Clothes

    Do you have a pile of old clothes? Do you think that those clothes are still capable of serving a purpose? Then it is time to sell those clothes of yours.

    I am incorporating this method on the list because it doesn’t involve any effort. By selling the old clothes that you don’t wear anymore, you are earning for free.

    To sell those clothes, you have to enlist them in a reliable selling website. In that case, I can suggest you opt for eBayThredup, and Poshmark.

    You can choose between any of these sites, and all of them are reliable.

    27. You Can Also Sell Your Blood

    Blood is something that grows in your body instantly. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the abundance of it. Once you give away your blood, it will take a few minutes for the regeneration.

    Therefore, it is one of the best options to sell your blood. Well, the amount that you will receive will depend on the rarity of your blood. Therefore, if you have a rare blood group, it is likely that you will receive a good amount.

    Besides blood, you can also donate your plasma. With the help of your donation, you can help the patients who are suffering from Leukemia and other immune disorders.

    Therefore, you are not only earning money, but you are also helping the people in need.

    28. Flip or Sell Off Your Old Books

    Almost all of us have some books that I don’t read anymore. I am not talking about your collection of novels or comics. But I am talking about the academic books that you have used in your schools and colleges.

    Therefore, it is time to sell your books before they wear-off. If you cannot sell your book now, there is a possibility that they will get destroyed.

    A lot of students need books to carry on with their studies. Well, there are plenty of places where you can sell your books. Amongst them, some of the best online sites where you can sell your books are BookScouter and Decluttr.

    Thus, it is visible that selling your books is not a big deal. So, you can consider it to be one of the best methods to make money for free.

    29. Rent Out Your Music Instrument

    If you comprise a lot of music instruments, you can make use of them. Plenty of musicians are always looking for the musical instruments that they can rent.

    In case if you have more than one guitar, you can give it on rent. In this way, you will get some cash in your pocket.

    Also, there is nothing you have to do apart from renting your musical instrument. Well, you will get multiple sites where you can rent out your instrument.

    MusicArts is one of those places. There, you can enlist your instruments, and from there, you will get your borrowers.

    Apart from the musical instruments, you can also rent other things like harps, amps, and mics. Besides, on this site, you can also rent out your audio rehearsal rooms.

    30. Sell Out the Extra Things on Craigslist

    Earlier, I had a lot of things, which were not that useful to me. Besides, I also had several old pieces of stuff, which were still functional. Therefore, I decided that I will make use of them.

    Well, then I enlisted those things in Craigslist, and now I have cash in exchange for my pieces of stuff. Similarly, you can also sell you unused stuff on Craigslist.

    Besides, it is straightforward to operate this online place. There will be no complications that you have to follow. The best part about Craiglist is that it will offer you reasonable prices.

    To be precise, you can consider this platform to be the finest for both buyers and the seller. Right now, it is one of the most popular websites on the list. 

    There are various things that you can sell on this online platform. However, you will get the best price if you can sell TV, furniture, and your cellphones.


    So, these are the methods that you can check if you want to earn for free. Well, money is an essential thing, and we all know about it. Without money, we cannot travel even a single step. So, we should accept money whenever it comes to us. Be it earned money or free money, we should always respect it.

    It’s your turn, “how to get free money.” Just remember free money require your free time.

    Now, let me tell you a thing that you should listen carefully. There are numerous scammers involved when it comes to getting paid without spending much or nothing. Thus, you need to stay away from those scammers.

    Then what you do to identify the scammers? Well, for that, you have to conduct proper research. Then only, you will be able to identify the scammers and the legitimate ones.

    Therefore, go through the above-written points precisely. I assure you that you will get the best results.

    How much you earned from these methods? And from which one? Let us all know.

    Deep B.
    Deep. B. is an online entrepreneur at heart, with a 5 figure monthly income. Phased many ups and downs in life. But now his life is on the road. Having a great experience in making money online. Created many side hustles for himself. And Surely he can help you with your online journey.


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