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    Do you know your smartphone can give you some extra cash? Many apps that pay you for simple tasks.

    The need and use of smartphones are increasing day by day. According to new research, the average American spends 5.4 hours a day on their smartphone. Even more surprising is that 13% of millennials report having spent over 12 hours daily on their phones.

    best money making apps that pay you

    Cone to think of it, rather than wasting all that time on social media or playing online games, why not monetize it? The truth is that already, you and I are doing everything from paying our bills to banking via the Smartphone.

    Why not take the next logical step and use that gadget to earn money? Why not install and use the apps that I am going to tell you?

    I particularly recommend the following categories of apps for that extra $.

    • Survey Apps
    • Cashback Apps
    • Selling stuff Apps
    • Investing Apps
    • Simple task Apps
    • Apps to make money with your car

    29 Best Money Making Apps That Pay You Money in 2020

    Earning from apps is the easiest and best way to make money fast. Here are some of the best money making apps that I use. And you can use it too.

    Best Money Making Survey Apps

    You will be surprised to know that the highest paying apps are easily accessible for free downloading on your Android or iOS phone.

    For example, American Consumer Opinion pays between $0.05 and $0.50. This market research company pays through a point system and is redeemable via PayPal for their short surveys. You can earn as much $50 for market research surveys that are longer.

    If you need some extra cash on the side, I want you to let you into the secret of the endless possibilities that exist with survey apps that pay. You will thank me later!

    1. Inbox Dollars ($5 Sign-Up Bonus)

    As soon as you sign up for Inbox Dollars, instantly, you start making cash. You will get paid for completing their surveys, playing online games, and for shopping from your favorite store. Joining is absolutely free, and you can easily download their app on your Smartphone in a fraction of seconds. And Registering only requires your email address.

    Most Inbox Dollars surveys take between 3 and 25 minutes and pay between $0.50 and $5.00. Some surveys can pay $10, $20, or more if your demographic profile matches what they are seeking. And don’t forget to check out the special offers page. On average, I earn at least $6 per month by just completing such free offers.

    Upon accumulating $30, you can redeem your rewards in the form of Inbox Dollars eCard, check, or prepaid Visa. The Inbox Dollars eCard can be used at online retailers such as AMC or Target.

    2. Swagbucks ($10 Sign-Up Bonus)

    You can take online surveys on Swagbucks, go shopping, play online games, or search the web using their search engine. As you sit in that waiting room at the doctor’s or at the DMV, why not complete a survey or two from Swagbucks, and before long, you’ll be having handy dollars for a treat your favorite coffeehouse!

    I love the idea of earning from SB by simply watching (and enjoying) videos whenever I have a couple of minutes to spare. I have also received between 6 and 10 points per day for just using the Swagbucks search engine.

    Upon reaching a certain number of points, you can proceed to cash them out as gift cards acceptable by hundreds of merchants across the US. If you prefer cash, PayPal is available.

    Yes, I received a cool $10 for simply signing up on Swagbucks.

    3. Surveys On the Go (SOTG)

    Surveys On The Go allows you to participate in a variety of surveys on interesting topics such as sports, news, entertainment, politics, and technology. The surveys are not only fun and informative but also come with the bonus of being paid for participating.

    The Survey on the Go app focuses on ensuring the experience is as convenient with no hassles. This falls among the highest paying apps, and the best part is that you will get your first dollar the moment you download the SOTG app.

    And guess what? You can earn anything between $0.05 and $2 for average SOTG tasks.

    Highest Paying Cashback Apps

    Whether it’s through being paid back for buying specific products or simply scanning your receipts, these money-back shopping apps have the potential to boost your income

    You can use the apps to earn and cash out your accumulated money in the form of gift vouchers/cards, check, or via PayPal. Below are some of the best apps that pay you when shopping online through your iOS, iPhone, Android, or PC.

    4. Ibotta ($10 Sign-Up Bonus)

    Ibotta is becoming immensely popular for cashback every purchase. It not only extends to grocery brands but also has a referral program that allows you to invite your friends, and in this process, you will make even more cash.

    This app is particularly good when shopping for groceries because they have a ton of cashback offers. However, their rewards also cover a diversity of non-grocery shopping outlets and stores.

    Cashback from Ibotta comes in the form of “rebates.” You simply unlock rebates on particular products before heading out to your favorite grocery store.

    Within 48 hours, your Ibotta money gets deposited into your account. The app is a great way of supplementing traditional paper coupons. With Ibotta, you can take in $25 to $50 per month in savings.

    5. Fetch Rewards

    Fetch Rewards turns your shopping receipts into gift cards. It’s partnering with many top brands to award you points for each of the grocery receipts that you share. You can then trade them for prepaid cards for MasterCard and Visa. You just have to download the app on your mobile, create your account, and then submit your grocery receipts photos to earn rewards.

    Similar to Ibotta, you can scan through and see cashback offers available on Fetch Rewards for items like beer or on groceries. However, unlike Ibotta, you simply have to claim the offers by scanning your receipt. When your receipt is scanned, the app automatically figures out what’s on it and claims the relevant cashback offers.

    This is the easiest and quickest way of saving money when I am at the grocery shop. I once earned 2,878 points at Walmart!

    6. Rakuten [formerly eBates] ($10 Sign-Up Bonus)

    If you frequently use a mobile device for shopping, installing Rakuten (formerly eBates) can be of great help in terms of saving. This app allows you to search for rewards, promo codes, and coupons. The app also notifies you when there are new sales and deals are starting.

    Rakuten ranks high among the best money saving apps because you are actually getting cash back for items you’re going to purchase anyway, so long as it’s done through the app. Stores and shopping outlets pay Rakuten on a commission basis for sending customers to their respective stores.

    In return, Rakuten splits that commission with the buyer, so both of you are winners.

    I have accessed Rakuten directly via my web browser. Additionally, they have Android and iOS compatible apps for more convenience, especially when I am on the go.

    During my short period of using Rakuten, I’ve made $500 in cashback.

    7. Shopkick

    If you are a regular shopper and frequently find yourself browsing the aisles at your favorite retail destination, then I recommend Shopkick as it could turn out to be among your best real money-making apps. To be fair, though, Shopkick pays solely through gift cards, and you may need to bear that in mind.

    You can use the app in your favorite retail stores, such as Walmart, Target, and many more.

    While at your favorite retailer, you can participate in challenges such as completing scavenger hunts for specific items or walking up and down different aisles. Additionally, you can earn points through submitting your shopping receipt after you are done.

    I recommend Shopkick when you are thinking of gifting someone with a special gift card. Think Walmart or Target.

    8. Dosh ($5 Sign-Up Bonus)

    Dosh is one of the best money making apps, although it tends to lean more towards passive forms of income. Simply set up the app, forget about it, and the best of all, get paid for that! To download this app is a no-brainer.

    The Dosh app allows you to link your debit/credit cards so that whenever you eat, travel or shop, automatically you get cashback so long as you are at participating national and local merchants. To begin getting paid, after linking your credit or debit card, select five brands that you wish to earn back from.

    However, be careful when choosing your five brands as you can’t alter them later.

    And don’t forget, Dosh will give you $5 per referral.

    9. Pei

    Looking for a unique way to make real money fast in the form of bitcoin? Look no further! I strongly suggest you check Pei. This is a cashback (or, in fact, bitcoin back) app that pays you for your ordinary daily spending. Its mode of operation is simple. Just connect your debit or credit card to your Pei account. Voila, the next time you shop using the linked card at a partner merchant, Pei automatically gives you cashback (bitcoin) rewards.

    Imagine Pei will give you a cool $5 for an active referral and a bonus of $5 just downloading the app!

    10. Receipt Hog

    This market research company rewards you for simply scanning your shopping receipts. Receipt Hog has grown quickly, and already, they have paid out more than $2.5 million to participants. Receipt Hog works by selling consumer information to reputable brands.

    To start, download the Receipt Hog app and add yourself to the platform’s waitlist. Once approved, you can start earning cash and other rewards.

    Make Money by Selling Your Stuff

    The market is loaded with apps that give you money, and certainly, you will not lack one that suits your money-making goals. In particular, I recommend the following apps:

    11. Poshmark

    Want to turn those outdated or outgrown clothes into handy cash? Get the Poshmark. It will help you get rid of needless clutter, clear your overloaded closets, and in the process, make you some money.

    Once downloaded, using the app is very simple. Just take a picture of the stuff you want to sell, provide a short description, and add your price and post it. Then sit back and wait for a prospective buyer to get in touch. To post your listing only takes a minute, and so once you get the hang of the app.

    Of course, how much you can make on Poshmark will depend on what you are selling!

    12. Foap

    Get paid by Foap for simply taking quality videos and pictures from your Smartphone. For that, you don’t even have to be a professional to get paid back. Businesses are willing to part with big bucks for videos and images. Of course, the better the quality, the better the pay as you are effectively raising the bar.

    Foap App has designed what they call Missions, whereby companies inform you about the kind of video or photo they are looking for. If you opt to take up “Mission,” and your video or photo is selected, you stand a chance of winning 100s of dollars!

    13. BookScouter

    This book-selling app allows you to find retail pricing for your used textbooks and other books. Using your Smartphone’s camera, snap the book’s ISBN. BookScouter will inform what the book is worth online. The app can also be used to build a unique shipping number for the books sent to Bookscouter.

    I would suggest you get this awesome app when you want to declutter or cash in on your collection of used college textbooks. It’s also good when you want to buy used books. Registration on BookScouter is easy. With your email address, it’s easy to create a Bookscouter account. You can also join through a host of available social networks.

    14. Decluttr

    While it might not fall among the highest paying apps, I believe you will like Decluttr. It pays you cash for all of your unused or unwanted items. They buy a broad range of things such as books, DVDs & Blu-Ray, CDs, games, cell phones, game consoles, Legos and much more.

    I once made $275 from selling my old DVDs and CDs on Decluttr!

    15. Mercari

    Planning some cleaning this spring? Why not turn it into money with Mercari. This is a handy app-based shop that allows you to sell everything from clothes to toys to your kitchen appliances. The listings are free, and you only have to pay a 10% fee once the sale is completed. Mercari is also a fabulous place when you want to purchase used merchandise for yourself.

    16. OfferUp

    OfferUp is another excellent way of selling your unwanted stuff easily. Simply download the app and begin selling whatever you want! This app is particularly good for local sales when you have larger items like furniture. However, I have also used it to sell clothes, electronics, baby and kid stuffs, and more.

    Investing Apps to Make Money Fast

    While investing apps are not instant money-making apps, but in the long-run, they could just turn out to be your highest paying apps by nature of what they accomplish for you. They silently invest for you, without any input from you. Can anything beat that?

    I strongly suggest you look at the following apps that pay you in this category.

    17. Acorns ($5 Sign-Up Bonus)

    Acorns is the best and unique way to start your investment at a micro-level. The app rounds up your purchases on credit or debit card, which you linked with Acorns. With those round-ups, you have the option to boost them by 2x, 5x, and even 10x also. Then Acorns invests money for you.

    It monitors your bank account, automatically investing the change received from your daily shopping or purchases. If, for example, I bought any commodity for $2.60, Acorns rounds up the figure to $3.00 and then invests the $.40 change in “smart portfolios automatically” for you!

    As Acorns charges a monthly fee of $1, it’s important to factor that into your monthly or overall earnings. However, with that, you are getting a diversified stock portfolio, automatic account rebalancing, Acorns investment team support, and access to all your trading accounts on mobile.

    I hope you decide to try Acorns and become a stock trader in no time!

    18. Stockpile

    The Stockpile app allows average people to buy expensive stocks at fractions rather than having to meet the cost of a full share. You can start investing in shares with small figures such as $5 and acquire fractional shares in 1,000+ name brand stocks as well as ETFs. Stockpile has nil monthly/annual fees. It only costs you 99 cents per trade.

    You can use Stockpile to acquire Apple, Amazon, Disney, or Tesla stock. You can pay with credit/debit card, cash, or Apple Pay. To start, consider investing $5, $10, $20 or $50. Because it offers fractional shares, buying trade stocks via Stockpile becomes easy and affordable even when buying expensive blue chips.

    19. Worthy Bonds

    Worthy Bonds will earn you a set/fixed interest rate of 5%. You can start the investment with as low as $10. And you are free to buy bonds as much as you would like. Sit back and watch as your investment accrue interest every week.

    Worthy Bonds come with a 36-month term, but you can cash out any time, without incurring any penalties.

    Apps That Pay for Simple Tasks & Micro Jobs

    These days, there are dozens of money-making apps — for both Android and iOS users. If none of the above qualifies as the best money making apps for you, don’t lose hope.

    These are the highest paying apps that pay you for simple tasks like walking, data collection, watching ads, and much more.

    Let’s dive in!

    20. Nielsen

    The Nielsen Mobile Panel accords you a real opportunity of becoming part of the research done at Nielsen. When you become part of their research, you will get paid for it. The panel helps businesses understand how consumers utilize mobile devices and the Internet by studying apps and websites you visit.

    By installing the Nielsen app, you will be contributing to understanding how consumers behave on the Internet and, in the process, earn redeemable rewards.

    Joining the Nielsen market research panel is a walk in the park. Just download the app and scan the barcodes of your bought items, which you recently purchased. Share that information with Nielsen for you to earn points.

    One of the most appealing aspects regarding Nielsen is that it offers you cash for simply downloading the app. After that, nothing complex is required from you except ensuring the app remains on your device. Imagine, for that, Nielsen pays you an easy $50 per year.

    21. Job Spotter

    This is one great side hustle that I recommend you seriously explore. After installing the app on your iOS or Android phone, as you go about your daily routine out there, be on the lookout “now hiring” or “help wanted” signs.

    Use the Job Spotter app to take a photo of the sign and the storefront. When your snap is accepted, you collect points for each submission.

    22. MyPoints ($10 Sign-Up Bonus)

    The easy-to-use MyPoints portal offers multiple ways of earning points. The ways include watching videos, participating in polls, and shop your merchant through MyPoints. Through MyPoints, participants can earn gift cards for filling out surveys and taking relevant polls.

    For your finish your first five surveys, you get a $5 bonus.

    23. SlideJoy

    Slidejoy is highly rated among apps that pay you to shop. It pays with gift cards honored at various retailers or through PayPal. Think Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Google Play. Another plus is that it’s possible to donate your earnings to a charity of your choice. These unique users are called Heros by Slidejoy, which is a lovely pat on ones’ back.

    Slidejoy gives you cash in terms of rewards for just using your lock screen. After signing up and installing the app, you’ll begin seeing ads appearing on your phone’s lock screen. Swiping left again an again to gets more information on the ads. A swipe to the right takes you to the home screen while swiping up exposes you to more ads. You will earn “Carats” for every swipe made.

    A 1,000 ‘Carats’ gets you $1.These get credited to your account the following day.

    24. HealthyWage

    The HealthyWage initiative is supported by the Government to encourage Americans to lose weight. The strategy is to have people risking their own money but with the potential of earning up to $10,000!

    The interesting concept from HealthyWage allows you to win by placing bets on your own goals in terms of weight loss. You can also access extra prizes for keeping off those pounds long-term.

    That appeals, doesn’t it? Shed unwanted weight, and I get paid for it!

    25. Field Agent

    You can use the Field Agent to become a secret shopper. For that, you get payouts for each job completed with them. To complete the task, simply follow the app instructions carefully, and do whatever is asked whether it’s doing a video using or taking a picture of the price of an item using your Smartphone. It can also be filling out an online survey.

    Major companies like Walgreens, Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, and tons of small businesses use the app. Please note that the closer you live to a major metropolitan area, the higher the jobs available via the app.

    Generally, the jobs pay from $2 to $15 and are on a first-come, first-serve basis. They must be completed within 2 hours of acceptance.

    26. Gigwalk

    Find as little or much contract work as you want to use the Gigwalk app. It connects you with local businesses that may need your unique skill-set or service. You can download the app on either an Android phone or your iOS device, register, and apply for gigs available on the list or local map.

    Gigs on Gigwalk can pay as little as $3 or much as $100. Payments are made through PayPal.

    Apps That Pay If You Have a Car

    If you have a car, then you have an opportunity to make some quick money. Use these apps and connect your car with them.

    27. Uber & Lyft

    This ranks among my highest paying apps. You’ll, however, have to put in more physical effort to make money with Uber. However, with Uber driving, you could also easily land yourself to be a full-time job, although, for many Americans, it’s just a side hustle.

    Once you meet the qualifications criteria to be an Uber delivery driver, you can deliver parcels, packages, food, or flowers, among many things.

    Similar to Uber, to be a driver with Lyft, you need to apply to join. Their approval criteria are rather more stringent. You can, however, install this app and use it to give rides to others for pay as you do your daily routine.

    Isn’t that a great way of earning extra cash with your car! Can you turn down a $50 for just sharing your car with someone going your direction?

    28. Postmates

    If driving a ridesharing car doesn’t appeal to you, consider using this delivery app, to make money fast. With Postmates, you are not required to make commitments, simply deliver what’s needed when you have some free time.

    And what would you be delivering? Practically whatever people need!

    29. Getaround

    Ever thought of renting out your car for easy money? If you own a car, the Getaround makes it easy to carshare! Instantly rent your car from your phone. If you own a car, it’s possible to make thousands of dollars that can help you in offsetting the high costs associated with running a car by sharing the ride.

    Joining Getaround is easy. Simply download the app start renting out your car to potential users. The app requires no subscription.

    How much can you make with Getaround? Getaround avers that some car owners have made up to $800/month.


    Today’s Smartphones are not just for calling or texting. They can be used to carry apps that pay you for doing tasks. Just ensure that the downloaded apps are legitimate and come with a positive review history. Have other people used them to make money successfully?

    Generally, the above-listed apps won’t make you rich overnight. However, many of them are good when you want to earn a bit of extra cash. Remember, to make money from these apps; you need to use them. 

    So what are you waiting for? Get your Smartphone, login, and start earning. I recommend you to check out the survey apps! And if you like any other, then let me know in the comments.

    Deep B.
    Deep. B. is an online entrepreneur at heart, with a 5 figure monthly income. Phased many ups and downs in life. But now his life is on the road. Having a great experience in making money online. Created many side hustles for himself. And Surely he can help you with your online journey.


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