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    Welcome to, the website exists to provide trusted and best ways which can help you to make more money. We are honored to help you at every stage of your online journey of making money. Whether you are a teen, mom, jobless person or want to make a side hustle, we’re here for you.

    Who are We?

    Hey there! My name is Deep. B and I am an entrepreneur at heart, with 5 figure monthly income. I have created many side hustles which give me a good monthly income every month. I founded Money Follow You in 2019 to share my experiences and my ways to make money online. Also, I want you to make 5 figure+ passive income for you. There is a team of 2 behind always to help you. This team is on a mission. Do you know what the mission is?

    “Our mission through this blog and other channels is to make our readers financially independent. We will give you the best money tips. We help you to make your successful side hustles.”

    Every person’s life is turning all-around money and in fear of how to make more money. But if you become a reader of Money Follow You then you don’t have to follow money either money will follow you. Through this blog, you’ll came to know that, how money works and how you can earn more and more money with your hidden skills which you also don’t know. There are a ton of ways from which you can earn money but you have to choose one. And with the time you have to concur that way so that you’ll become the master in that field and of course earn a ton of money because at that place the sky is the limit.

    What do we believe?

    We strongly believe that hard work does not go waste ever. And we know that with our help one day you’ll spend less time worrying about your finances and more time enjoying your life.

    What do we think?

    1. Solving Problems

    “Every problem is a gift. Without them we wouldn’t grow” – Tony Robbins. We will do our best to solve every financial problem in the life of our readers.

    2. Sharing is caring

    We care for you and we will share our expertise with you because power comes not from knowledge but from knowledge shares.

    3. Stay focused

    We are focused on our goal and you have to focus on yours, then nothing can come between you and your hard-earned money.

    What do we want from you?

    Nothing much, we want you to stay focused on your skill, know more about money, find the best opportunities and stay away from debt. Reading our articles regularly can give you the high-value learning of money and ways to make more money in your life.

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